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Stitch! (Japanese Series)

Contributors to the original Japanese episodes:
StitchJapan, StitchOtaku626, StitchDX, supermrspanda, StitchUpload222 and Brittanyfan8426

Contributors to the original English episodes:

Mahalo! :-)

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Stitch! News

Watch Stitch and the Planet of Sand here!

Please sign the online petition to save Lilo & Stitch and bring the Stitch! anime to America.

Complete box sets of the first two seasons of Lilo & Stitch the Series are available for sale here! Oh, did we mention they are in Japanese? Now what is so difficult for Disney to release this in English!?

A member of our ohana has informed us that Stitch! season 2 episodes are available for sale on DVD here and here.

A member of our ohana has informed us of various DVDs of Lilo and Stitch the Series episodes translated in Japanese are available for purchase here. What a great addition to your collection!

A Stitch! soundtrack is available for sale here. Also, Stitch! box sets are available here and here.

A member of our ohana has informed us to another Stitch! box set available for sale here! Now can someone please ask Disney why it is taking them so long to release season box sets of Lilo & Stitch in the US!?

A box set of the Stitch! Japanese series is available for sale here. Note though these episodes are likely not dubbed and probably will not work in most DVD players in the US.

Please sign the online petition to help bring Stitch! to the United States. Pretty sure a deal is already set for this series to air on Disney Channel. But it can't hurt. And it will show our support of this show and Lilo and Stitch to the online community.

Check out a true Stitch! fan here! Can anyone beat this?

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