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"Don't worry Lilo,
my fans were there for me.
Yours will be too."

Lilo & Stitch the Series ended production in 2006 after two seasons totalling 65 episodes. Disney based this ending on an out of date business policy, leaving the question remaining: What happend to the hundreds and hundreds of other experiments that we never got to see. We know they ended up finding their one true place, but what was their original function? Where was their one true place? What did they look like? And what really happened to that "Rufus" experiment? ;-) Many are understandably doubting our chances of a third season at this point. But at Save Lilo & Stitch it's up to you what you want to fight for. As long as you continue to fight for something, and not leave this ohana behind. Perhaps you still want to fight for a third season. Maybe you'd love to get full two season DVD box sets in your stocking for Christmas. How about additional comics and books detailing what the other experiments did? Want to make sure the Disney Store keeps selling Lilo & Stitch merchandise? And wouldn't you like to make sure Disney continues airing Lilo & Stitch the Series on Disney Channel? How will Disney know you want these things if you don't tell them? Well this is the best place to tell Disney how you feel. And a Save Lilo & Stitch Weekend Bash is the best time to do it!

Save Lilo & Stitch Days...

Month/Day Why?
April 11 Lilo & Stitch the Series season 2 premieres in the UK
August 22 Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch is released on DVD in the UK
August 24 Season 3 began with episode 38 - Phoon
August 26 Stitch! The Movie is released on DVD
August 30 Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch is released on DVD
December 3 Lilo and Stitch the Movie is released on DVD
February 25 "Yuna Day" - Yuna's birthday (Idea submitted by: "TheDarkOfNight-D")
January 11 Season 1 began with episode 1 - Poxy
January 25 Lilo makes her return on the Japanese Stitch! series (Idea submitted by: "Margot")
January 5 Episode 25 "Angel" premieres (Idea submitted by: "Waggytoon")
June 21 Lilo and Stitch the Movie is released in theatres
June 24 Unofficial Angel Day
June 25 Unofficial Reuben Day
June 26 Unofficial Stitch Day
June 27 Episode #65 airs on Disney Channel
June 27 Leroy and Stitch (series finale) is released on DVD
July 24 Lilo Day (Idea submitted by: "stitchfan_82")
March 12 Chris Sanders, the Voice of stitch was born on March 12, 1962
March 17 Lilo and Stitch the Movie is released on DVD in the UK
November 5 Season 2 began with episode 38 - Spike
October 20 Lilo and Stitch the Series premieres on Disney Channel in the UK
October 4 Lilo and Stitch the Movie is released in theatres in the UK
October 8 Stitch! season 1 began with episode 1 - Ichariba Choodee
September 22 Stitch! the Movie is released on DVD in the UK

If you wish to contribute days you believe would make a good Save Lilo & Stitch Day, which in turn develops into a Save Lilo & Stitch Weekend Bash, you can input it into the Save our Stitch database. You can also send it through this web site's contact us form. Or you can just e-mail us.

Now is the time for action!

It's easy to just pretend the 65 episode rule doesn't exist or will magically go away. It's easy to just say, "well that's just the way it has to be, I'll move on". Let's face facts. The 65 episode rule does exist and has already affected production of Lilo & Stitch the Series. Disney wants you to move on to other shows. But if you are a die hard fan who wants to see this show continue, then it is time to save Lilo & Stitch!

So what do I do?

So you want to help save Lilo & Stitch? Well you have come to the right place. We'll give you all the steps you can take to save this show.


One of the easiest things to do is send e-mail to Disney. We have set up a program that allows you to quickly and easily send e-mail to Disney. You should send at least 10 e-mails a day to all the contacts on the list. If you can, write your own e-mail expressing your true feelings about the show. You can use the pre-prepared template also. The e-mail program is here.


Even more powerful than e-mail is paper mail. It has a much higher chance of being read. There are numerous addresses on the Save Disney Shows How to Help page. Try to send at least one letter to each of those addresses. Try to send them at least a week before the "Save Lilo & Stitch Day".


Why not fax your letter to Disney. There are five fax numbers you can use: (818) 560-1930 (General Disney), (818) 846-7319 (Eisner's Former Fax Number), (818) 972-2845 (Buena Vista), (202) 689-8562 (George Mitchell - Board of Directors) and (818) 569-5146 (Alan Braverman - Walt Disney Company General Counsel). More info on the fax numbers is on the Save Disney Shows How to Help page. If you don't have a fax machine you can easily send them from your computer using these instructions.


How can Disney ignore you if they have you on the phone? These are the phone numbers to call: (800) 874-1687 (Toll Free!), (818) 560-1000 (Main Disney Number), (818) 569-7500 (ABC Cable Networks Group), (818) 560-1811, (818) 560-8543 (David Caouette), (818) 569-7562 (Gail Ryan), (818) 569-5958 (David Levine), (818) 295-5279 (Buena Vista) and (888) 327-7018 (Radio Disney). More info on the phone numbers is on the Save Disney Shows How to Help page. Call as often as you can. Find a friend with a ton of anytime minutes and/or free nights and weekends. And call away!

What else?

What you do on this day is only limited to your imagionation. Most importantly spread the word. Tell everyone about our web site. Tell them about our discussion group. Tell them about "Save Lilo & Stitch Day". Print and post as many flyers as you can. You can contact the media (TV, radio and newspapers) also. Also buy merchandise. Whether it be toys or DVDs, the more money Lilo & Stitch makes, the better chance we have for a renewal.

What about the other days?

It seems that people get more motivated by these special days. But there is nothing stated here that can't be done every single day. The one thing that can save this show is the continued persistence of Lilo & Stitch's fans on a daily basis. And we need to utilize all possible sources, not just e-mail. We need to work hard, but more importantly we need to work smart. "They" may say we can't beat the system. It's time we, the fans of Lilo & Stitch, prove them wrong!

Any other questions, comments or ideas? Use the contact us form to contact the owners of this site, or post them in the Save our Stitch discussion group.

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