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657(#1) Revile

Designed to cause mass destruction through the use of all of Stitch's and some of Evile's powers. Genetic background makes her nearly invincible to all weapons. Possesses super senses of sharp sight, like a tiger's, but with night-radar vision, acute hearing, like a dog's and accurate, like a shark's, and the strength to lift 10,000 times his own weight. Cannot sink in water and is twice as destructive as Stitch.

One True Place:
In custody.

Description/Other Information:
A little taller than Stitch, red-orange fur, magenta/primrose claws, toes, nose, tip of antennae and back spines, light-tan/pinkish-orange chest and around eyes, tan stomach and inside ears, black eyes and yellow teeth. Sports ten arms and an elongated tail.

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