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To heal or poison, depending on the person. He can poison or cure, depending on the health of the victim. He possesses no super human abilities.

One True Place:
At the hospital.

Description/Other Information:
2’ 6” A little bigger than Stitch. Has two furry antennae extending from just above his eyes. Has blue fur on his underside. Brown nose. Semi-thick fur. Medium sized tail. Big, blue eyes.

His voice is quiet. He doesn’t speak in English. He is timid. His friends are Lilo, Stitch, Angel, Sheila, Leroy, Jumba, Pleakly, Nani. His enemies are Gantu, Hamsterviel, 692, 627. He likes to be treated gently. Also likes calm, quiet environments. He dislikes/fears loud noises and lots of people. Also doesn’t like being picked up.

Experiment 699 was probably one of the only experiments created for a good cause: to heal the injured. But his healing works both ways. If taken into the wrong hands, Mender’s healing ability can be used to poison those in perfect health. Jumba warns Stitch and Lilo about Mender when they fail to catch him the first time. His poison is not fatal, but it slows people down for a long time. Catching him was tricky, because if approached inaccurately, Mender would think he was being attacked, and eject poison from his antennae as self-defense. However, Lilo, Stitch and Angel were able to capture 699 gently. Mender was taught to use only his healing abilities unless absolutely necessary. This proves to be very helpful during the battle with 692.

To heal Jumba and his experiments should they get hurt, and to poison anyone who tried to arrest Jumba/take his experiments.

After a lab accident. Jumba realized he needed someone to help take care of the various wounds he/the experiments might suffer.

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