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677(#1) Suction

Whirlpool creator. He can create massive whirlpools. He can sometimes get sucked into his own whirlpools if the current is too strong. Also can’t be out of water for too long. He can see exceptionally well in the water, and in the dark. He can hear very well underwater, the way one normally hears on land.

One True Place:
In the aquarium as an attraction.

Description/Other Information:
3 ½ feet long. Dark turquoise. has large extended eyes, four tentacle like suctions (two on each shoulder) front appendages are fins, lower are paws, and a fish tail, similar to a mermaid. Also has small spines running down his back.

His voice is kind of like Mew’s from Pokemon. Very high and sweet. He is curious and childish. His friends are Cannonball, Stitch, Lilo, Keoni, Victoria, Yuna, Ani, Angel, Leroy, Sheila, Beam, Reuben, Jumba, Pleakley, Scrump, BooGoo, Dark-End, Suno, Blacke, Mamf, Evile, Sparky, All of Experiments, and All of Us. and all sorts of sea life. His enemies are Delia, Gantu, Hamsterviel. He likes the water, and exploring/playing like the child he is. He dislikes/fears being surprised, or away from the water for too long.

Suction is a cute looking aquatic experiment with the mind of a child. He was designed to create massive whirlpools. In fact, Suction was the direct predecessor to Cannonball, who creates giant tsunamis. Suction was very efficient with his work, because, like Cannonball, he thought creating whirlpools was just a game. Catching him was a bit difficult, because Stitch cannot swim. Although he did drive the motorboat, the team used to take them out to sea; it was actually Sheila who went with Lilo, Keoni, Victoria, Yuna, and Ani under the water to capture Suction. It was a dangerous bout, because the two had to constantly avoid being caught in the whirlpool. Eventually, Sheila pulls Suction’s suctioned tentacles from the ocean floor (that’s how he stayed on the bottom of the ocean without being sucked up into the whirlpool.)

Cannonball’s predecessor, he was made while Jumba was experimenting with ways to potentially wreak havoc on other, more aquatic planets.

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