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Dynamic Drive
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Designed to cause mass destruction though the use of elemental powers. Genetic background makes him nearly invincible to all weapons Possesses super senses and the strength to lift 10,000 times his own weight. Has the same powers as Reloy, Leroy, Evile, Stitch, Reuben, Chopsuey, Splodeyhead, Plasmoid, El Fin, Heat, Launch, Holio, Houdini, Zap, Kixx, Slushy, Tarantula, Deforestator, Richter, Swirly, Cassandra, Phantasmo, Swapper, Elastico, Spike, Amnesio, Ace, Melty, Sparky, Finder, PJ and Hocker.

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Swatch resembles a cross between a koala, a lizard and a dog with red fur, black claws and toes, light-tan/pinkish-orange chest and around eyes, light-purple ear insides, magenta/primrose tips of antennae and ears and black eyes and back spike tips. He also has 3 sets of arms and 2 extra heads.

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