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Dynamic Drive
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Was supposed to be designed to obliterate enemies with his many powers, but is a failed experiment because he has few powers and the powers he has are weak. He can lift 10x his weight, climb walls, roll into a ball, give out weak electric shocks if he is touching someone, and he has slightly acidic saliva. He can also speak english.

One True Place:
He currently has none but he is looking for one.

Description/Other Information:
He looks like a regular experiment and has
koala-like features and a pair of retractable arms, antennas, and back spines. He has black eyes and is smokey grey with silver circles around his eyes and has a silver belly and the bottoms of his feet and palms. He has grey antennas tips, spine tips, ear tips, nose, back markings, and back of the head markings. He has black claws and toe nails.

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