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Dynamic Drive
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A modified Leroy clone. Has ability to fly, shoot fire from his noise,change appearance and imitate/change voice as well as all of the original Leroy's powers.

One True Place:
As a detective for the Grand Council woman. He spends all the time he can with his boojiboo.

Description/Other Information:
Originally a Leroy clone(clone number 78), he was modified by Delia to be able to fly and take on the appearance of anyone. He took on the appearance of an attractive Hawaiian male and pretended to be Lilo's boyfriend, as part of Delia and Hamsterviel's plot to separate Lilo and Stitch forever. He had a change of heart when he saw how sad Lilo was without Stitch. He turned good and rescued the Ohana. He got badly injured in the process but survived. He was modified again by Jumba and now has purple fur,blue wings,and the ability to shoot fire from his nose. He is also in love with a human female named Mandy(who is owned by experiment632).

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