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He is designed to cover any thing in a thick, hard, blubbery substance that hardens instantly (but breakes easily). Suprisingly, he has a strong like of fashion (but not a very good sense of it).

One True Place:
His one true place is with a fashion designer, making clothes insulated with his blubber.

Description/Other Information:
He is a very large experiment. He is larger than Choppers, but smaller than Sprout. He has a large purple Fibber-like head with a very large, green nose ( the exit are of the blubber), rather tall green antennae, a white/cream-speckled forehead, purple and orange ears and dull, blue eyes. Suprisingly, he has very small green and yellow Melty-like wings attatched to his back. His red body is very large with green spots on his back and knees. His black tail is very stubby with two orange/tan patterned stripes.

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