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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Sun, 17 Sep 2017 03:55:11 MDT
To Elastico's Foot:
I did notice this. Very good noticing.

To Simba100:
Thanks for the comment. Yep. Gwendoline Yeo proved good with being Lilo. She proved handy with voicing Asian ladies, voicing out sass and tenderness. I see her voicing out Lilo's sass when she fights rogues and stands up to them. I also see her voicing otu Lilo's warmth such as with Stitch and his fellow 'cousins' as well as motherly moments with the kids such as Ani and Yuna. Yep. I also see her voicing out Lilo's child-humour such as her calm and amused reaction to Pleakley's quriks (such as muttering 'Some things hardly change'). It would also help her sound clever such as when she uses big words including wehn she tells some myth to scare poachers away (similar to her one on Holio's debut).
Yep. Gwendoline Yeo proved good with voicing this heroine. Good with voicing out her strength and tenderness.
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Fri, 15 Sep 2017 14:01:17 MDT
I found this out. Adult Lilo on Stitch! is voiced by Gwendoline Yeo.... the one who did Yuna's grandma on the series as well as Mariko on Wolverine and the X-Men, Shinigama on TMNT (2012), Li Mei on The Invincible Iron Man, Blu on Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Mercy Graves on The Batman, Ms. Deitch on Scooby-Doo! Legend of the Phantosaur, Dr. Isabel Cho on Deep Space: Aftermath, Lieutenant Tanaka on What's New, Scooby Doo?, Cousin Lisa and Aunt Lily on The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, Bree Samuels on Hannah Montana, Hoodie on Kim Possible, Fifi on Phineas and Ferb, Nala Se and Bettie-Bot VJ as well as Peppi Bow adn Cato Parasitti on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Nyancy Chan and Sheelane on Ben 10: Omniverse.
Do you think I object? Uh-uh. Gwendoline Yeo did a great job with voicing Asian ladies who can be strong but gentle. She can help bring out Lilo being a sassy but tender-hearted soul. Yep.
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Wed, 2 Aug 2017 08:21:08 MDT
I saw how the actress who did Yuna voiced Kiara on Lion Guard. Helped show the sass and gentleness.
I got this scene:

Yuna: Easy. I'm gonna get you out from the cage.
Kiara: Stay back. I refuiser to let you torture Stitch.
(she lashes, doing cuts on Yuna's chest
(Yuna grunts,... bravely taking the pain... and covers her cuts..)
Stitch: Stop. She's ohana.

Kiara; I'm soirry.
Yuna: Glad you did so. Glad to see you were unbroken after the torture by poachers. And nice to see you bond with Stitch. SOme view him as a freak.
Kaiara; He;s lovely. He;'s sweet.
Yna: Yep. His soul is more improtant than his flesh. And nice blow. Hmmm. Very good. For a cub, you did such a blow. Yep. Whenever I look on my chest-scars, I'm gonna remember the little cub who was a good girl... so brave and gentle... a feminist-icon.... a real princess as well.

Kiara; You can fight well Yuna.
Yuna: Thanks.
Kiara; Some humans prefer guns. Yet youy prefer your martial arts, your sword, and your spear.
Yuna: Well....

Kiara and Yuna can sparr. Yuna can help Kiara learn to do her pouncing and wrestling. Kiara can help Yuna learn to use her senses.

(when the hyenas 'sing')
Kiara: Oh, great. Now they'e gonna torture me.
Yuna (sarcastic): Whoopee. This is the kind of way I want to die. (normal) Hamstervol showed more dignity.

(seeing Scar as a ghost on the volcano)
Yuna: Scar?
Scar: Yes. Scream.
Kiara; You're uglier than I thought.
Yuna: Yep. Uglier than I thought too.
(they smirk calmly)
Yuna: Mufasa looked grander.
Yuna: Oooo. Did we push a button? Failed to overcome your jealousy of your big bro?
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Wed, 3 May 2017 04:48:20 MDT
I think a good moment for Stitchzilla (his super-form) could be the final fight with the buccaneers espeicaly if they use some big robot or monster... a sorta big boss fight.... a Clash of the Titans.
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Thu, 13 Apr 2017 12:15:55 MDT
I saw some episodes from Stitch and Ai.
Ai was so spunky and funny and sweet. She accepted Stitch. She also proved a genius with holograms. I picture Lilo getting along with her.
The lady with the orange shirt was great too. She was one plucky one. And sweet.
The teacher turning to a Hulk due to the alien cracked me up.
The Grand Councilwoman's reaciton to Ai hugging Stitch got to me. She does own a heart. She is unable to say 'no' to kids. First Lilo... then Ai. Yep. They seem to have a way to get to her.
The monster Jumba forged to help fight the robots was awesome.
The buccaneer rivalry was great. Reminded me of Power Rangers; Operation Overdrive with the enemies being rivals. Yep. Great comedy such as the squabbling. And great drama coz Stitch has to stop them before innocents get caught in the crossfire.
Pleakley was funny in this. As was Jumba.
Cobra appearing. Good. Wonder if he's here due to the buccaneers.
Wonder if any cozes would show up. I hope Reuben, Sparky, Splodeyhead, Angel, Slushy, Retro, Kicks, Elastico, Spooky, Squeak, Nosey, Yin, Yang, and Shrink pop up. I see Nosey and Squeak bringing comedy with their quirks.... and so would Fibber if he were here such as beeping when people fib. Yin and Yang would fit due to obviously their names and could help show teamwork on an episode. Kicks would fit due to being a martial artist. The elementals would fit due to elements being linked to Asian spirituality. And Angel would fit being a martial artist, and help show Stitch's softer side.
Wonder when Lilo would show.
It would rock if Ai did kung fu.
I look forward to the dragons.
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Mon, 10 Apr 2017 13:12:17 MDT
I saw the episode when Yuna used an umbrella to block Sample's sonic-blasts. She was so brave... and so gentle.
I got this awesome idea. She learns bartitsu.... an eclectic martial art and self-defence method originally developed in England during the years 1898–1902 by E.W. Barton-Wright who fused Jujutsu, Swiss Wrestling, Savate, Canne de combat, Judo, and Boxing.... immortalised as the martial art Sherlock Holmes used to fight Professor Moriarty on Reichenbach Falls.
I see Yuna using bartitsu.... wielding the umbrella when doing so. It looks smart but can be practical. Yep. She can learn it from Jane Porter who dwelled during the 19th century. Would be great to see her use the umbrella with some martial arts. The umbrella looks goofy but turns out handy.... as Yuna looks sweet but can be tough when needed. Proof how appearances deceives which is one of the running themes on the Stitch franchise.
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Mon, 10 Apr 2017 13:04:14 MDT
I saw the episode Perfect Memory on my local Britain language. Tiira really got to me on it. She was a robot.... yet she developed to be a person. She learned too well to be sentient and to feel. She bonded well with Stitch and co. Yep. A great way to show Yuna's humanity.... for most humans prejudice robots, yet she accepted her as a person for her noble self-sacrifice for Stitch. Yep.
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Fri, 7 Apr 2017 13:23:10 MDT
I saw the trailer for Stitch and Ai. Looked good.
The bit when Stitch juggled the plasma blasts and when he tried to pose as a stone creature cracked me up.
Ai seemed right. Such a plucky and kind girl. Yep.
Dragons on this. WOW!
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Tue, 7 Feb 2017 12:14:06 MST
To Elastico's Foot;
Great one.
Nice idea for Spooky to help Lilo with a nightmare. It shows he;'s more than a monster. After all, one of the serie's enlightening themes is about appearances being deceiving and how things aren't always all the appear.
Sparky helping Lilo. Good old Sparky.
Bonnie and Clyde on surfing. I picture so much comedy... espeically if it involves chain-reactions such as the domino scenario.
Stitch trying to teach Reuben after his cockiness jeopardises them. This I picture. I picture him scolding Reuben such as saying 'Your cockiness just endangered everyone on this planet'.
Felik helping Nani and Elastico. AWWWWW.

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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Fri, 6 Jan 2017 13:24:07 MST

Here's some ideas I would want to see in it:

1. Lilo interacting with Yuna.... suvh as if Yuna needs help with her emotional problems. She went through which Yuna did. She would mention times she acted on revenge.... mentioning PJ and Shush.

2. Some cozes to appear should be Sparky, Reuben, Angel, Slushy, Splodeyhead, Heat, Hammerhead, Thresher, Plasmoid, Squeak, Frenchfry, Fibber, PJ, Retro, Spooky, Kikks, Cannonball, Yin, Yang, Whoops, Felik, Slugger, Snooty, Phoon, Nosey, Yaarp, and Shrink. Squeak would provide some comedy with his usual talking only to be interrupted (would rok to see Yuna somehow shut him up, proving she is capable). Fibber would provide some too with his beeps when people lie.... maybe when Tiger Lilly fibs, and when Jessica lies. Nosey can bring some with his nosey antics getting him into trouble.
3. Toriko would prove a capable martial artist.
4. Leroy should pop up. It;s been so long.
5. Lilo would be a martial artist.
6. Lilo and YUna woul wear bandoliers for plasma guns.
7. The Grand Councilwoman kould pop up.
8. We could see some scenes with the alien workers..... Lieutenant Sledge (the hammerhead who guarded Stitch), Lieutenant-Commander Ombit (the tapir who said 'He's taken a police cruiser' and 'Youre not the captain'), Ensign Getco (the toad who said 'He took the red one'), and more. Yep. It would be interesting to see the young humans and Lilo interact with them. One funny bit could be when Toriko accidently turns on the hyperdrive.

9. One funny scene can be when Pleakley's mum calls and says something embarresseing before the others. She really cracks me up.

10. One idea can be Yuna getting a boyfriend. She's nervous coz she fears rejection. But she finds he does fancy her..,... finding her pretty on the outside but inside too due to being plucky,m nice, clever, and jolly. It would be a great emotional and spiritual thing.
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Sat, 10 Dec 2016 10:54:07 MST
To Stitchthebest36:

Here are more ideas:

Yuna: Lilo. I'm sorry if I embarressed you.
Lilo: Why?

LilO: I went through which you went through. Believe me. I acted on anger. But it led to problems. Yep.

Yuna can gain some adds on her outfit. She'd retain her dress and trousers but also wear a bandolier, a neckerchief and a pith helmet with goggles. She';d gain a spear and a sword.

Lilo would prove so able with martial arts... enough to beat Tiger-L unarmed.... espeically due to being more focused. But she's a good sport about it.

Tiira would pop up occassionally.

Tiira: You accept me although I;m a robot.
Lilo: More than one. You feel and think. You own a soul.

Toriko would help the group now and then. She';d reveal some martial arts talents. She'd turn out to eb a fan to Tarzan and Jane.

When going out with some boy, Toriko cna put on the outfit she wore when helping Yuna and Stitch with magic while trying to impress the boy. It woulda been great to see her wear it again. She wanted to look smart to impress. But she found the boy was impressed by her tenderness and her guts.
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Sat, 10 Dec 2016 10:44:33 MST
To Stitchthebest36:

Tara Strong is so great. She played more than just Angel. She also did Raven on Teen Titans, Vicki on The Bat-Man, Harley Quinn on many Bat-Man, Mary Jane on Spider-Man, Sari on Transformers, and others. Yep. She did so many voices. You;d hardly recognise her. She helps girls sound strong but gentle... and also clever.
It would be nice if Tara Strong voiced Adult Lilo again on Stitch. She can help show how she may;d grown but she;'s the same person. She would help show this lady's gutsy but gentle.... and also clever..... and also got a child's sense of humour and imagining talents. I picture her gentleness when she's comforting ohana members.... and her spunk when she stands up to enemies.... and her cheeky tone when she tells a myth she forged about a monster to keep poachers out from a reserve... and her wisdom when giving spiritual lectures such as real beauty coming from within.
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Tue, 29 Nov 2016 09:41:11 MST
To Stitchthebest36:

Let me clear the confusion. The blood transfusion thign is a gag I thought. Blood transfusion is when people give blood to help people.... blood-donars. I thought about this.... Yuna is awed by Lilos strength and askign if Stitch gave his blood to her. Lilo is awed by Yuna's strength and asks askign if Stitch gave his blood to her. One gag I thought of for Episode 2. Random quotes tend to be funny.
To Jowad:

Phineas and Ferb with Stitch? Very funny thought. I picture those two and their buds helping out Lilo, Yuna, Stitch, and their ohana. Yep. I pictured Stitch meeting Perry and helping him out.
627 should do more appearances? Yep. I pictured many. One where he challenges Tarzan to a fight for the glory of defeating the legend. Another when Tiger Lilly releases him to get revenge on Lilo for beating her.... only for him to doublecross her. The Phineas and Ferb would be another good one. Yep. I can picture Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella using their talents to tickle 627's hyper-humour.... accidently helped by Candace's accidents and Doomy's messups. Yep.
Angel is right to be a main one. She's right for the blue guy. Strong physically and mentally. I see her spotting through Leroy's phony Stitch look proving she's smart.
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Sun, 27 Nov 2016 15:07:46 MST
To Stitchthebest36:

Here are ideas:

Angel can be show her strength .... physically and mentally.... during when Yuna thinks Stitch is leaving her thanks to Jessica using Nosey to spread lies. She proves too clever to fall for it coz she knows Nosey to be a bigmouth and also knows Stitch is too soft to abandon family. It shows she's smarter than she looks. And she proves strong as shown when she restrains Nosey and demands he tells who spread the fib.

Angel: You're a robot?
Tiira: Yes.
Angel: You ..... think and feel.

Lilo: She's more than metal. Tiira is a sentient being.

Yuna: Lilo. I thought you'd think me.... odd.
Lilo: You.... odd? Please.
Yuna: I......

Yuna: Sorry.
lilo: For kickng me? Whoah. Did you got a blood transfusion from Stitch?

Yuna: Lilo's strong. Did you give her a blood transfusion Stitch>

YUna: I beat up two bears? Two grizzlies?
(shocked when she beat up Kenai and Nita)

Yuan: oh my/. I met Tarzan. And I clobbered him. Terrible impression.
Tarzan: Good one. I feared Lilo was the only human on her time-period to love Stitch. Then again, you're her daughter.
Yuna; Hold on. Uh...
Ani: I;m her daughter biologically.

Tarzan: Stitch. 627 could destroy you.
Stitch: If Stitch refuse to act..... ohana die.
Tarzan: Same old Stitch.

Penny: Lilo. You haven;t changed.
(smirking about Lilo's bold reaction to being shrunk)

Penny: Yuna. I see why Stitch and Lilo chose you. You got guts and heart.

Yuna: I got saved by ......
Jake: Yep. Shocked?
Yuna: Whoah.

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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Wed, 16 Nov 2016 13:32:46 MST
To Jowad:
Well said.

To Stitchthebest36:
I got these ideas:

Tiira can get an ascot tie to wear with her outfit.

Lilo: You;re more than machine. You're ohana.

Yuna can gain a bandolier to wear so she can carry ammo for her plasma blaster. So can Lilo, Ani, Toriko, Makiko, Sasha, and Tomoko.

Tomoko can bond well with Tiira. Being a science-whiz she;d amazed to meet a sentient robot.

Tiira can be awed by the Great Spirts.

Tiira can be touched by the story on Tarzan's origin. So can Yuna who;d wipe tears.

Lilo: Yuna. You did well.
(impressed by how Yuna did a Tarzan call and summoned the creatures)

Ani: You;re not Stitch. You;re a phonmy.
Leroy: You're your mother;s daughter.
(he turns red)
Leroy: Surprise.

Tiira: Terk. Revenge leads only to pain.

Tiira: They;re my ohana, Leroy.
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Wed, 9 Nov 2016 11:45:38 MST
To Stitchthebest36:
I got these ideas:

Thira: Spirits?
Yuna: Yes. Spirits. There tend to be different sorts. Kijimuna's proof.

Lilo: The Great Spirits. Souls from all those who passed on....... from the modern to the prehistoric. Even from those before the dinosaurs.

Tiira: Do I own soul?

Tiira can react calmly to the Spirits popping up in the Brother Bear krossover.
Tirra and Yuna can gain spears from the tribe on Pleistocene times.

Tirra kan gain an ascot tie from Jane.

Jane: Tiira. You;re one of our koloney too.
Tiira: Thnks.
(they hug)

Tiira: The Circle of Life is importnt. I sw it.

Tirra: Ohana means family. I know this too well, Terk. We must go to stop Leroy. If you give to revenge, it would poison your soul as it did to Tubelot.
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Wed, 2 Nov 2016 12:31:40 MDT

Tiira is such a great character. It would be nice if she appeared more.
Here are more ideas:

Tiira can reveal some martial arts talents and wield some electro-staff similar to the ones from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and Star-Wars: The Clone-Wars.
Yuna: This is Tiira.
Ani: She'a robot.
Lilo: More than a robot. An android. A sentient robot. A robot with thoughts and feelings.

Lilo@: You're ohana too.
Tiira:Me? I'm a robot. A machine to your people>
Lilo: A machine to many. But a person. You proved more than programming. Which mere machine would risk life and limb to save a genetically-engineered creature and a child? You think and feel. You care. You;re a person. And when you saved those two, you became one of my Ohana.
Tiira; Thank you. Many viewed me as a freak for being a robotic person. Many prejudiced me. The Grand Councilwoman and my.... dad were the only ones who respected me. Then I met Stitch and Pleakley... and Yuna. Yuna accepted me as a person although I was a robot. She cared for me. I heard she cried for me.
Lilo: Yep. She is a good person.
Tiira; You too.

Tiira can help Yuna learn to control her anger. She did so by losing her anger-control when a space-thug tries to drown Stitch and Yuna. She gets mad and beats up the guy. She almost destroys the guy until Stitch stops her to prevent her from doing something she;d regret.

Tiira can show an interest in spirituality as first shown on the Brother Bear crossover. She'd wonder if she does own a soul. Her jounry on Brother Bear crossover can involve her learnign she does own one with help from the lot.

Tanana: You were constructed from metals. But you do own a soul. I saw it when you freed the bears from a trap. You showed affection for the creatures.

Tiira: Kenai. Nita. Koda. Thank you for accepting me.
Koda; Well... I knew you were more than metal. Which mere metal would feel for others?

In the Tarzan crossover, Tiira can get a pith helmet to wear.

Tora: Tarzan and Jane. I enjoyed your story. So awesome. And so .... romantic.
Yuna; A romantioc? Well, well.
Tiira; Well...

Jane: Tiira. You;re more than metal. I saw it. I was impressed by your strength and knowledge. But I was more impressed by your soul. You look mechanical .... but you felt for others and acted to help.
Kala; You own a soul.
Tiira: I know. I',m glad you accepted me.
Kala; My son wen thorugh which you went through.... being the only human on this land which humans failed to conquer yet.

Tiira: I shall respect the Circle of Life.

Tiira: A real dragon. Well, well.
Jake: An android.

Tiira: Toriko. I know you're worried. But I believe in you.

TIira; Yuna. I know you feel worried. But I;m sure your boyfriend fancies you.

Tiira: You're my ohana. All of you.
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Sun, 9 Oct 2016 14:12:46 MDT
I saw the Perfect Memory. Very fab.
Tiira was such a great character. A robot who is sentient. Yep. And she brought some comedy as well as action. She managed to stop a fight between Stitch and Pleakley using foam. She reacted calmly to a spout by putting up an umbrella. And she calmly accepted Stitch although he';s genetically engineered. Another one among the many lovely people who do so.
Yuna was terrific on this too. She looked good with the sailor top and shorts. She was so bold to kick the glas. And it was nice how she bonded with Tiira though she was a robot... as shown with the iteraction such as how they got their hands together.
Slushy and Ferncffry's cameow rocked... espeically woith Slushy freezing Pleakley's head. Yep.
Hamstervil's fight with his double was funny. A poetic way for him to suffer in a way. He fought his own double. So funny how the genious reacted on anger.... espeically when the two Reubens did the reaction with annoyance. Yep.
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Fri, 9 Sep 2016 12:31:45 MDT
To Stitchthebest36:
Here are more ideas:

Yuna would look up to Lilo as a mum figure.

Yuna: Lilo. How can you be calm/
Lilo: YUna. I know whci you;'re goign through,. I went angry with rivals. I let my anger control me and used some cozes to get back. But they each backfired. Revenge causes pain.

Yuna: Look. My dress can be a hoody.
Lloo: Very resoruceful.

Whenever Yuna meets old pals to Stitch and co, many would think Yuna weas Lilo;s daughter. A running gag I thought up.

Lilo can wear a banodleier to carry ammo for a plasma blaster and a betl to carry some sword.

Yuna can gaina lvoe-0interest who fanciesher for who she is and thinks her pretty for her sweet face and her personality.

Yuna can gain a spear. She use it for more than stabbing but use it as people use a staff.

Yuna; Wow. Lilo's so strong.
(surprised by her clobbering robotic guards with martial arts)

Yuna can be amogn the few who enjoy Lilo's eccentric tales.

Yuna: I;'m far from the same as you.
Lilo: Why souidl you be> You;'re you. Yuna is wh yoju;re mreant to be,.

Lilo: Yuna. You just beat your chest.
Yuna; Yes?
(she bliks, thinkign Lilo's cross0
Lilo: Bold move. And very good. You rescued the monkey from the panther.

Yuna: Lilo. Who was the dad?

Lilo: I lsot my parents too, Yuna.

Yuna can show her intellgience when she spots through Leroy tryign to act as Stithc to get past her. Showing Lilo's far from the only one.
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Sat, 3 Sep 2016 14:39:42 MDT

Here are quotes for your Stitch idea:

Yuna: I lost. How?
Stitch: HMMM. You did almost beat me though. You showed courage. Many woulda prefered to use a gun on me.

Stitch: I refuse to give up,
Stitch: Strength in numbers.
(after Angel's help)

Yuna: Sparky looked kinda sweet.

Yuna: You risked much for Sparky. What if the monsters got you>
Stitch: I kenw the risk. But I refuse to leave Sparky be.

Yuna; It;s my fault. Felik got sick clearing up. He was trying to do a good impression on me. I overworked him. And becaue of thsi, he gobbled up the weird thing which got him sick. It;s my mess. I must clean it up.

Yuna; I;m sorry.
Felik: It okay.
(he kisses her with hsi nsoe)
(some kids squirm)
Yuna: OOOh.
(she cucles ad kisses him)
Peny; Youre; gross.

(a sabre-tooth roars on Yuna)
(Yuna beats her chest and roars back)
Stitch: WOW! Bold girl.
(Yuna beats up the sabretooth)
Yuna; Sorry puss,

Yuna; Oh, dear. Stitch reverted. And it's all my fault.

Yuna: Me Yuna. You Stitch.
(helpign Stitch back)

Yuna: Stitch was right. I accused Bonnie and Clyde without proof. That rotten rodent tricked me and I let him. I should look on all facts before I accuse.

Pleakley: I know the feeling. I gobbled up Poccy too.
Yuna: Oh.

Stithc: I'm near your heart.
Yuna; Yes?
Stithc; I knew it was big. Very big. And so lovely.
Yuna: Oh.
(she blushes and giggles..... the comment helping her in her sickness()

Yuna: I juggled.
Elastico; Practice makes perfect.

Yuna: I;m so scared. I;m so ashamed.
Stitch: If you were a coward, why did you challenge me> You had courage. Zero shame on fear.

Yuna; Stitch is right. I can be bold. Stitch would drown. I must save him.... even if those robo-crocs eat me.

Spooky: Thank you for saving me.
Yuna; Well...
Stitch: You brave.

(Yuna puts on a bandoleir)
Yuna; It;s on.
(she takes a sword and a plasma-blaster)
Yuna: It's on.
(she beats her chest)
Yuna: IT'S ON!

Yuna: Stitch taught me better.
(telling why she let the rodent-megalomaniac lvie)
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Sam Cook

Posts: 313
Sat, 3 Sep 2016 14:27:48 MDT
Thanks, Elastico Foot.
Yep. The Felik one would be a good one to humble Yuna up. Her actions led to Felik sucking up something he's allergic to by mistake. ANd Yuna knows it was her fault and is determined to cure him... thus learning to be more responsible.
The Retro one I pictured would help show Yuna's balls such as handling old-fashioned creatures. SOme kids would scream and run. But Yuna handles some well such as riding some. And would learn to respect old-fashioned things too. Some kids think old-fashioned things junk and also mock elders. But Yuna learns better. And also learns to learn from the past to avoid mistakes such as when she accidently auses Retro to revert Stitch just by tripping on his tongue due to being careles.
The Poccy one would be another humbling one. A way to show Yuna nobody's perfect. SHe thought coz she was strong she was tough. But she got sick coz she messed up on eating Poccy by mistake... maybe even ignoring Pleakley's warning. Luckily, the guys sort it out and she learns better.
The Bonnie and Clyde one would help teach to trust. A good reminder about thinking before accusing without looking on all the facts. Maybe Hamstervil would try to frame them as a way to cut out reinforcements. But Stitch knows better and looks on all the facts. Yuna learns better.
The Spooky one is a good idea. He is a good reminded about facing fears. Many take the lesson for granted. Yuna can learn to control her fears. One idea is she beats her chest and breathes in and out to calm down. She learns about how real courage is about acing fears. Another humbling one.
The Splodeyhead one is more than for Yuna. Others learn too. Splodeyhead gets convinced to turn on torches and some cocky kids play with them. The result.... chaos. Fire goes wild. Luckily, the fire gets put out. And many learn better.
The Slushy one is a health and safety one. I pictured Yuna learning to be more careful. Ice can be slippery. And you need to be careful when climbing. And when running. You might fall. And the snow and ice increases the danger.
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Sam Cook

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Thu, 1 Sep 2016 16:00:26 MDT
Nice ideas, Elastico Foot.
If it'd been as you pictured, it woulda been nice if these came:

1. Yuna qwoulda beaten up Stitch until he tosses her down. ANd when she whiens bitm he comforts by sayign how she almsot beat him and says 'Zero humans woulda been as brave to take me opn without weapons'.

2. The Sparky mind control woulda helepd teach Yuna about how strong loyalty is. Stitch knew the risks, but he refused to let hsi bud get taken.

3. The Felik one woulda been a good lesson to Yuna about responsibiltiy. She tris to get him to clean up. But it backfirs wen he accidnetly sucks up somethign he';s allergic to. And Yuna has to fidn the cure coz she knows it;s her fault... thus learnignt oi be responsible.

4. The Bonnie and Clyde one woulda alos helped with teachign Yuna about trust such as thinking before accusign people without proof.

5. Spooky woulda helped Yuna learn about real courage beign facing fears. A very speical lesson Stitch knows well.

6. Retro can help Yuna learn well about how to respect the past better. Get it. He makes things become old-fashioned. Yuna can learn many old-fashioned thigns were great and how to learn from the past to avoid mistakes such as accidently causing Retro to revert a creature to a Spinosaur and Stitch to his monster-form.

7. Slushy's tale would help Yuna learn how to consider health and safety.

8. Splodeyhead would help Yuna learn about how fire can be dangerous. Same with others such as a few cocky kids who mess about with him and accidently cause him to sneeze with pepper which results with a wild fire. Luckiyl, the fire got put otu... and the lot learne3d to be caareful with fire.

9. The Elastico meeting would help Yuna to mellow out and how playing can be good. Yuna can also learn to juggle.

10. The Poccy episode cna involve Yuna accidenty eating up Poccy and learning about health importance. She makes it out okay thanks to her buds. I thought up when they reach her heart... Stitch would comment how big it is and please Yuna with a heart joke.

11. Ace would appear. Same as the one where he appears yet he has the back problems. Helping Yuina to learn no one's perfect. A speical lesson on humilty which helps us feel better when we mess up.

12. The Snooty one can help Yuna learn to think before assuming by looks.

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Sam Cook

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Mon, 20 Jun 2016 08:12:59 MDT
I read how aliens were theorised to'd helped build the Egyptian pyramids, Stonghenge, and the moai idoals on Easter-Island.
I thought yup this. Lilo tellign Ani a bedtime tale abouit aliens helping to build the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, and the moai. She reealed she'd learned how memebrs from the Grand Counwilwoman's people wre the aliens who helepd form those mighty things. I can picture this eccentric person tellign this kinda bedtime story. It woudl be ncie to spot hwo growing older failed to stop her from imagining and accepting the impossible.
It would be funny to hear her make up a tale as she did on Holio's debut. A big fib to trick poahers. Saying... 'Very well... Enter the reserve..... if you're bold enough to meet the Mosnter'. A pale fib to trick the poachers to leave the local fauna be. Would be nice to spot her being the same under the new form.
Being older would do positiv thigns on Lilo too. She;d be the same fun-loving sweet person. But more controlled on emotions. Keeping form giving to revenge. She can helppo Yuna learn to do the same and mention to her her messups as a wy to help her learn how revene leads to more sufering.
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Sam Cook

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Sun, 8 May 2016 10:42:45 MDT
Yuna voices young Kiara? WHOAH!
Woulda been interesting to hear the two interact. Would be awesome if kara pounced on Yuan due to how humans occasioaly hunt creatures for sport or tropheis.. but Yuna shows zero fear and isntead fihts back. But evneutally, Kiara spots her noble soul when she acts to rescue somemone and realsies her msitake. IO cn pciture the two plcky girls bondign. both are smilair. I can also pciture |Kiara tellignYna some thigns abot the Cirlce of Lfie and howimprotant balanc is.
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Sam Cook

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Thu, 14 Apr 2016 11:22:18 MDT
Interesting how Tia was on Scooby doo.
I did think about an intersing idea i Stitch and his team met Scooby Doo and his group. I can picture co0medya nd action such as Pleakley joining in Scoobya nd Shaggy's panic-scenes and Stitch and Lilo lendign a hand now nd then.. suhc as Lilo telling how she is pleased by how Scooby remains with the groupo despite being cared (the old face your fear thing). I can picture Stitch beign nice to Soocby such as protecitng him... the only time he ould be vulnerable is if he were in the ocean since he is unable to swim.
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Sam Cook

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Thu, 4 Feb 2016 11:24:17 MST
Hello. Been so long.

I thought about otuehr ideas:

Yuna meets Cobra. Zero fear from her.Aome such as Jessicq would be creepd by him espeically his serious face. But Yuna woudl smiel and hold a hand out... and be a bit 'Okay' when he just stnads before getting to business by asking her thigns.
Jessica can whack Cobra by mistkae with a plank during a stitch chaswe. People gasp. But Cobra just stands and is silent... thn goes 'Ouch' in a sarcastic way. Yuna apologises. But they leanr he felt zero pain.. resul due to training strnghtign nerves.

Cobra: HMMMMMMMMMMM! This Yun is so much the ane,.. Espeicaly the passion for the different.

Yuna can tease Cobra about if he fancies the Grand Councillady. Cobra denies it to which she teasea more and asks if they wnet out. And does a rude face when he jsut walks away.

Yuna: Lilo's strong. Even able to tear robots apart unarmed. Did you transfer blood to her?
Stitch: ME?
Lilo: Yuna's so strong. Even to beat up a big thing. Did you transfer blod toher?
Stithc; Uh-uh.

Lilo cna help Yuna learn to cotrol her anger and even mention her mistakes suhc as during the debuts with PJ, Finder, Gigi, Spike, Dupe, and ohters. Hoping to prevent her from doign the smae she made.

Yuna: AM I as worhty a Lilo? I'm fa rom perfect.

Yuna: I'm far from wory to speak to you spirits. But can you help my ohana meet their pals agaion?

Yuna: Sorry I assaulted you. I thought youmeant to harmAni and Stitch.
Kenai: Glad to srot a modern huamn other than Llilo who cares for the cozes.

Koda; I thoguth Ani was Lilo.
Lilo0: I know.
Rutt; |nd we thoguht Yuna waqs your daughret too.

Rutt;\ Yuna beat a sabre-ttoth unarem.

Tanaa: You selflessly prayed for your ohana. You card for them. You prove aass worhty as them.

Yuna: Oh my. I wanted to meet Tarzanhismelf. But what di I do? Assume yhe was some savage tryign to dorwn Stitch and assault him. QWrong impression. OOOOOOOOO!
Tarzan: Good oen. I feared Lilo was the onoly human from her world who0 cared for his kidn. You're strong.
Yuna; Nice ow you respet girls.

Yuna; TArzan was so strong and gentle and bold and clever. And he'nice to c4reatue. And he repcts girls. Jane rocks oo. Fesity, kidn, loyal, cleve,r and funny. She evne took don a python to resvue Pleakley
Terk can bdjn with Yuna who is a tomboy as she is.

Frenhfry can teik Dumont to eat hi9s tubbifyign food as payaback for how he insulted Stich.

627: He's real. Good. Fighting him shoul; be good.

627 would fight Tarzan for sport. Threating to destoy the jungle if he refused.

\jane woul shien when dalign with 627. She iw a comedian herslf and enjoys jokes. When she spots his weakness, she'd do fuynny thigns without embrassment suhv as the tongue thign an hootign whiel chest-thumping and heckilign Hamstevol with banas on his head and using hellium gas on him.

Yuna can struggle to do a tarzan call...a nd evneutally do it ijntime to sav the day.

During the DIsneyland episdoe, Toriko can ear a blue cap.

Tarzan: Kenai. I'm pleased to fianly meet you.
Kenai: The feleign's mutual, Tar5an. I heard about you too.

Grand Councwioman: Tarzan. Jane. I'm so glad to meet you two again.
Both: The feligns'' mutual.

Keni: How many cozes fell to darkenss?
(sickedn by learnign botu Cyber and 627 and Leroy)

Yuna can spot throguh Leroy's phony stitch form. She know sStitch too wll. She'd pot major differencfes such as his failur to tell Ani from Lilo... and she would smell him due to Trazn teaching her how to use her nose.

Yuna; Leroy?
(she snikcers)
LEory Prime: Laugh. But my name's better than yours, Yuna. Sheehs.

Troiko: Leroy.
(She laughes0
Leroy Priem: GRRRRRRR"

Ani: Leroy?
Leroy: Why do most mock my name?
ANi: Soudns nice. Mum thoguht so too.
Leroy Prime: YEs. I know.

Leroy Prime: Your mum got me locked up by helping the blue sentimentl prototyp. But this time, their emotiosn oudl cirple them. You woudl lure them to a desert p[lanet ravaged by a war centruies ago.

Yua: HMMM! This bandolier mkes me look good.

Lilo can try to onvince Gantu back as Luke sid to Vader.

SItk and Kerchak can talk to Gantu and help him back. Sitka can mention Kenai's ppast flawswhiel Kerchak spaks about his past arrogance which stoped him forn trusitng Tarzan and almost got the coloney taken by Clayton the trecherous hunter.

Terk can almso kill Gantu and be restrianed by somoen comapring her to Tubelot, a rogue ape who Kerchak kiocked out for his aggressionand brutality. For revenge can poison th heart.

Ani: Revenge leads to darknss.
KEnai: I made this flaw. And it caused more pain.

Yuna canbe rewared on the council room and blush.

LIlo: I am proud asbout how you grew. You were young and and so muh the same as I was. You overcam the personal demons. Questioend yourself. But you ovecam them. You chose mercy when most woudla chosen revenge. You put others needs before your own... even when they wre different to humans. You faced fears and showed real courage... powre by loyalty and lvoer. You grewwell. And i;m gale to look on you as my daughter.

(she cuedlesd LIlo)
Grand Conciwolam: LIlo. You are a wodner. Always there for toehrw. Hope for huamntioy yet.
Trzan: A cofort, ma'am. I heard how humans woudl be here. Destoryign oru world. But perople as these lot show hope for a oldenr age. TRhe future is with safe hands.
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Sam Cook

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Sat, 27 Jun 2015 07:30:59 MDT
To Stitchthebest36:
Very good point about the neurologic n Stitch's glitch. I learned it was to o with the nerous system which includes the msot imprtant vital organ.......... the brain.
It wold be good if they;d done another Stitch series. My ideal ne where Stich and Yuna move n with adult Lilo, and where we get to meet crossover charactwrs from other thigns suh as Tarzan ND Brother Bear and Reccess. We spot adult Lilo is the same person within... capbel f the same virtues... but older such as beign mroe able to contorl her anger (most possibly gttign angyover righteous reasosn such as poachers and other sorts of rogue such as Hamstervol). Leroy also makes a return .... appearing amogn th shadows on some tensious series-theme as he reserches on the new memers and fully apeparign on the 2-part finale when he kidnpas Ani as part f a trap .... unwittingly leaidng to the ohana unitign with allies such as the Galactic Alliance to save the day.
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Sat, 13 Jun 2015 06:55:37 MDT
Leroy as a winged monkey? Ha. If he plaed one, I can picture him as the lead one due to his brains.
On my deal series of Stitch, I thoguht it would rock if adult Lilo can prove a capable martial artist. even capable of taking on robotic guards singlehandedly with unarmed fightign talents and also a sort of electro-spear. Wow.
Remember Toriko from Stitch? Woud be good if she occasionally helpd. And tuned out to be admirer of Tarzan and Jane. And bodnd well with the bears too........... provogn bodl enoguh to face two adults and to cuddle a widl bear-cub. And alo turnig out to be a talented martial artist. Got any ideas how she got the moves?
Yuna rocked with the martial arts. On the Brother Bear corssover, it wudl rock if she got a spar form the time and used it as you woudl use a staff. She would be on a spiritual thing throguh the series. After she let her temper control her on the train episode and lsmot got people hurt by alien mobters, shed wonder if she is worthy of Lilo and Stithc and lern she is for she considered them and also eanred the abilti to understand creatures for selflessly praying that they reuntied with the Brother Bear charactrs. A noble act which also earned the trsut of the ocals there. She also learns respect for the circle of life on the Tarzana dn Lion King crossoers, and spots the price of vengence on the JAmerica Dragon (ironcially by observing Chopsey during his moody rampage due to beign jealou). She also podners f she can ever find a boy to fancy her, and finds one who fanices her for both looks and for her personality on the Big Hero 6 crossover. She can be very enlightnd b the time she faces the Leroys on the big finale.
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Wed, 1 Apr 2015 14:44:04 MDT
to Simba100:
Yes. Fred would ask fi the chemcials used as some ingredients to Stitch and his kind's DNA. Referign to if the chemcials used to make the genetic cozes mighta affted Jumba. After all, snffign up smelly chiemclas might affect the brain. And it was a big joke of mien on Jumb;as lack of sanity.
Yuna and Hiro together. A sweet idea. I can pciture them strign on eahcother. i put on Stithc chekcign Yuna;s heart to show Yuna's strong stomach of leting an alien put an ear on her chest... and to show a big sign of a perosn fancyign someone. I can picture Sittich doign it and figurign out form it Yuna fancies Hiro. And Yuna is calm.... but blsuhes when she is embraseed about others knowing ehr feeligns until soem more senstive and sensibeature oens react calmyl and joyfully.
IHiro would be imrpessed by Yuna. More than looks but also attitude such as kicking butt and heloping 'mutants. And hearing how she rode a mammoth and foguht two grizzly bears, a sabre-toothed tiger, a scimitar-toothed tiger, a cave-lion, leoaprds, hyena, snakes, and poachers would impress him more. hed obviosuly be aed by Yuna. Th semingly ordirnayr girl who he flet proved mroe suepr than he did.... evn unaremd.
Yuna would smile about Hro beign gentle as well as handsome. Epsically when he pets Stitch while workign and talkign to the blue guy as if he were a perosn. Many boys would vie Stitch as a freak. But Hiro would pet him... which would get to Yun. making her smile at his gentlness.
Honey and Plekaley woudl brign comedy. Doign the 'we're gonna die vs 'W're gonna make it' to Tomogo's annoyance. Very funny idea.
A poodle? Angle looks mroe koala-based to me. Even with the antennas.
I wrote the Stitich emetign Ballymac copying movenments to brign sweetnes to how the two childish beigns woudl react to eahvother. Epsically Stitihc;s suprise on how a big robot can be a softie.
Here are more quote:

Hir; You rode on a mamoth-bull.
Yuna: Yep. And got some of its fur on my spear. Shed off.

(Yna reveals a peice of sabretooth-fang she got durign a fight with oen)
Hiro: WOW!

Hiro: WOW!
(marvellign as Yuna uses her sper to shwo some martila arts moves0

Honey: Am I annoyign you?
Lilo: Barley.

Lilo woudl find Honey amusing and smile at how she is a real sweety.

Honey cna fidn the coaes grgoeosu. Apart form Cyebr and Leroy for the murderous attitudes.

Jumba: Did you drink too mcuh coffe, oney
Honey: Honey and coffe. Yep.
Plkealy: she;s uts mroe than you. I mena more nuts than you. Boy. It's contagious.

(durign a sldie thing

Tomgo; Drwma on, Leroy.
(clobebrs him)

Liolo: Ballyac is so gorogoeus.

Grandcouclwioman: thank you all for saivng us. The Galactic Council owes you. Hiro. Your brother would be prod of you.
Hiro: Hmm.

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Fri, 27 Mar 2015 14:35:48 MDT
Good idea Simba100.
Here are ideas:

Stitch can meet Ballyack and they do the strign one achother. They star and copy eachothers movements.

Stitch: Hi.

Ballmack can give Stitich a lolliopo for stopign soemthign from falling onot the kids.

Ballymack: Always look before crosign the rod.
Pleakley: We know.
Jumba: Who made him?
Hiro: I did.
Jumba; You?
(he roars with laughter)

Honey: Oh my gosh! You must be Stitch, Yuna, Lilo, Ani, Toriko, Sasha, Maiko, Pleakley, Jumba, and Angel. OOOOOOO! I heard so much about you. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You. Stitch and Angle are sooooo gorgeous. OOOOOOOO!
(she squeazes them as if theyre cuddley toys)
Angle: OOOOOO! Big place.

Angel: Youre rich but dumb.
(Jumba laughes)
Fred: Ha, ha, ha. Very funny.
Jumba; Why funy?
Fred; It was sarcasm.
Jumba: I know. It's why you're funny.
Fred; You;re nut. Did the chemcials you used to make Stitich and his kidn roast your brain's sanity part up?
Jumba; Maybe. Clip gobbeld up my hair.
Fred; Gues you bit off more than you chewed.
(some laugh)
Plekaley; Good one. Coz Clips eats hair.
Honey: Is Clip here? Clip might eat my hair.
Ani: Clips' far off. She;s busy.
Honey: Oh phew.

Hiro first spots Yuna when she uses martial arts on muggers to protect someone. And both stare on eachoter.

Stitch: Yuna?
(Yuna is starign on Hiro whiel he orks)
(Stitch stars and waves a paw before her then puts an ear on the girl's chest)
(we hear Yunas heart thumping faster than usual)
Stitch: yuna's heart goign fast.
Lilo: OOOOO! Look.
Ani: Oh. I get it.
Lilo: You fancy Hiro.
Yuna; Uh... uh.
Tomog: OOOOOOOOOOOOO. Cupid strikes again.
Okay. You got me. You two are too clever. And Stitch is too clever to be deceived. His ears are sharp. Yes. I fancy Hiro.
Ani: Knew it.
Toriko: You fancy Hiro.

Tomogo woudl spot Hiro starign on Yuna.

Tomgo: : I knew it. Hiro fancies Yna. Hmm. Obviosu. But tell nyone and you;re in big trouble.
Jumba; got it.

Stitch: Yuna gets a girl. I hope it is unabelt o make her lose her focus.

Honey: Yuna fancies Hiro. Oh. So sweet. OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
(she wieps tears)
Hiro: Anything wrong?
Honey: Uh.... onions.

Jumba; Why did you lie?
Honey: Must take it slowly. If I told on Yuna, she'd be embrased if people laugh. Some people laguh abotu romance. So anughty.

Toriko: Aww. Yna finally got a boy to fancy.
Makiko: Yep.
Sasha: Yep.
Dolores; I know how she feels.

Plekaley; Uhl... Hiro. Are you okay?
Ballymack: You fancy Yuna.
Hirp: OOOOOOO! You got me. Your lie detecter would beep if I fibbed. Got me. She;s so aesome. Kicks butt. And is so pretty. Her eyes and hair and her msucles and smiel. And her good heart. Cares for others. Human or creature or alien or mutant. or robto. Soul mroe importnt to her. Yep.

Lilo: Yuna. Yu;re nervous. I know. i went down the road too. I was yougn too. I;m sure you can do it. Be yourelf.

Honey: Oh. You're gonna love this! A dash of perchloric acid, a smidgen of cobalt, a hint of hydrogen peroxide, SUPER HEATED TO FIVE HUNDRED KELVIN, and...TADAAA! It's pretty great, huh?"
Honey: I know, right?! Chemical-metal embrittlement!"
Pleklaye: She's nuts.
Jmbas; Yep. I enjoy her already.
Pleakley: You would, Mr Crazy.

Lilo and Honey woudl get alogn well.

Honey woudl cry as Lilo tells the tale of how she met Stitich and how Yna helepd him. Beign emotional.

Hiro; You went to the ice-Age and met prehistoric animals.
Yuna: Yes. I was there on North Ameica. Amogn the giants of the time and some of the first humans to colonize it. Amogn the ancestors of which many call Indians. Amogn the Ice-Age's biggest giants. Were you scared? BIG ANIMALS.
Yuna: Why? They were mostly hairy versions of jumbo form the oo. And such magnificetn animals. And our pals. I kneow one who was a shaman of his race.
Hiro: Wow. You;re abrave one. he coudla crushed you under one foot.
Yuna; He was big. But I felt brave enguh to tocuh him and he let me. I coudl swear he looked through me. Saw my soul and trusted me. Cclever oen. the wiestest animal on the valley.
Hirp: h. And you approached him. He msuta been so big.
Yuna: Yep. He woulda been able to voe this bsu over. But he;s gentle.

Yuna: Yep. I clobbered griazlley bears. Two adutls.
Hiro: WHoah. You foght beard. Unaremd. WHOAH!
(he feels his heart thumping)
Yuna Well I thogut they meant to eat Ani and Stitch. But I elarned I was worn when ilo told me who they were. And they easily forgave me. Pleaeed about someone other than Lilo cairng for the gentically amde cozes.
(Yuna nods)
Yuna; Boy did I mes u. I looke dup to him gorwing up. And boy did I think he was a myth. Boy di I leanr I was worng the hard way. Lucky thign he was forgiving. He also respeted womena and girls and was imprsed.
Hiro: Yep.
(he sighes0
Hiro (thinkig): She gfoguht bears, sabretoothed tigers, wovles, scimitar-toothed tigers, leopards, panthers, and an ape-man bare-handed. And also beat up alein-warlords and megalomanicas. Wow. And poachers and mercenaries too.
Yuna: Hiro's so sweet and kidn.
(tocuhed when Hiro pet titch and the other cozes then tends to Sparky to help him heal up)

Tomogo woudl bodn well with the tomboys and cozes.

tomog: Awww. So sweet.
Hiro: You;re pettin them.
Tomgo; So? Stitch and Angel are sweet.

(shtuing on Jesica for alltesign the coe for gentetic diffrence)

Audrey the buccaner cna turn up and revela how her team were kidnappe by Cyber.

udrey: OOO. YUna's got a crush. I can tell. I know your feelign. I facny someone to. A boy who is another buccaner of peac.e Good. Honoruabel. Just. Alas he to gpt caputred. And i plan to save him.
(she hd a doubled-blade swor up)

tomog can learn martial arts from the tomboys and prove so capbel. So fi her suit is damged., she cna use it.

Hiro: They went to the Ice ge nd met Tarn too. And a dragon. And also some secret agents.

H0oney: They timettravlle to the pleitocene. And to Taran's world. and met a dragon too. WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!

YUna; this spear I got from North Ameica. Made by Denahi himelf for me. A gift whic shwoed I wa one fo them. And I kept ti wel. And used it well to fight.
(she spisn it as if it were a staff and stabs out)

Lilo: You did a wise act sparing the one who mrudere your bro. Revenge poisones as Keni learned when he gave to rvwnge. And Tarzan saw throguh tubelto,a member of his ape-coloeny gone rogue and a old rival of Kerchak. And Dark Dragon, Jake's arch-enemy who was a former member gone rogue due to his greed and pride. All revenge does is cause more harm than good. I learned it too the ahrd way when I went down the road and almsot got many destoeyd.

Hiro; Yna. You say you cn connet to spirits as Lilo can.

Lilo: Poor Hior;. I know his feelig nof lsign much.

Yuna; Lilo is a shaman of our famiyl..

The lto can leanr of a conspiracy to overthrow the Grand Coincilwoman and all voew to save her and the Council.

Plekaley: We're gonna die!
Honey: We're gonna make it.
Tomgo: So wuit whinign plekaley. Bah. Some man you are.
(while on a car escapign Cyber on a ship with plasma-chainguns and rcket-laucnehrs)

Honey: See, Mr Worrywart. I told you.
Plkealy: They;re nuts.
(he faints due to the preassure of the narrow escape.
Tomgo: Why does Pleakley wea a dres?
Jumba; He's obsesed. He first wore one to bledn.
Pelakley Soem humans woudl clal me a mosnter and shoot me to death with guns.
Hiro: I know. On ET, they captured a poor alien. Close call when he got awy or he woudla been torn up.
Ani: Amen. Lucky thgn a boy helep him. Show we;re all people.

Honey cna how some amartila arts talents.

Plekaley: RUN!
(Cyber chagres but Yuna and Tomog kick hm over)

(toriko uses martial arts on Cyber's gusards fightign by Audrey;s side9)

Stitch and Ballymac fight sifde by side. A big team up

Hiro: Yuna. I lvoe you.
Yna: Oh. I lvoe you too.
(they move and kiss)
(the lot smiel)

Grand Couciwoman: You lot Wle done. And we thank you.
(she awareds the newt memebr to tem ohana)

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Sam Cook

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Sat, 24 Jan 2015 08:11:57 MST
To Simba100: Great idea for a band. I recognise The actor Khary. Good choice.
When I spoke of Bambi ones I thogut of them beign durng the youth. Set after Bambi 2 and sometime before Bambi's adulthood. Faline kicking the dogs soudns good. I wanted to sho Faline coudl fiht as Bambi could. The reason I thogut of ti was somehow I throguh it woudl be sweet to see Sititch and the human pals pettign the two fanws and helijg Bambi if ronno taunted him. I could pciture Stitch getting mad with Ronno for upsettign Bambi and mentiong how huans shot his mum. Good on Stiitch. A god pal to depend on. Much of the theme of it is movign on. Good for a New Years speical.
I thoguht it eould be funny of Chopsey kept overrracting over his jakcet getting ruiend each time. Tough rock music plays as he complins about it being ruined and shouts 'Curse you all to he-' but someone such as Stitch or Yuna or Ani or Toriko or Lilo or a guest star interrupts him and makes the music score do a disc scratch as they shut him up form swearign doirng a fourht wall.
Would be good if Jim Cummings voiced Admiral Orcolot. the voice he uses for military folk such as Hathi woudl fit the senior officer.
Here are more ideas;

Yuna: Your mum sure is capble.
(laughign at how Thumper acts tought yet is meek when his mum scolds him for his reckleness and naughtiness)

Yuna and the other kids cna giggle on Thumper actign all tought one mintued than beore foiel by Mummy remindign him of his dad's words.

Bambi: Why are you ot so ncie to us?
Lilo: We know animals feel. To us you;re speial.

Lilo would comfort Bambi knowing how it feels to lsoe parent. so woudl Yna.

Ronno would get srpryed by Flower for mockign his species and thrtneig to tackle Bambi from behind.

Faline: I was scared.
Yuna: Yet you challenged.
toriko: Yep. Very brave.

Thumper; I can beat you.
Yuna; g ahead.
(Thump kiks out buyt Yuna dodges)

Thumper van keep tryign to bet Yuna but loe. mcuh to the other's amsuemtn.

Thuper: Beaten by a girl.
Bamb: Girls are as good as boys. Be thnkf she spared you.

Price: Thes ehumans were on the Ice-Age? Hwo is it possible? And they befriended grizzley bers? How?
(shcoekd as he hears tales)

Thumper: I'd be scred to meet the three bers you tlk of.
Bambi: They sound ncie.
Thumepr: Thy're bears. Bears et gusy such as us.
flower: Thye seemd so sweet.
Thumper: Bears eat us.
Flowr: I heard thye et honey and fish.
Thumper: And rabbits, deer, and other. One look and they would eat us aaaaalll up.
(he eats up a small berry to prove his point)

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Sam Cook

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Sun, 7 Dec 2014 10:50:55 MST
Thank you Stittchthebest36!
Yep! cobra punching Leroy is a goo ide! i can picture urign the fight! he pucnehs the Leroy on the fae and breaks the teeth out1 It fals over but regrows the teeht due to the genetic impovements on its DNA based on Stitich;s own DNA! After alL leory is his cipy!
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Sam Cook

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Wed, 3 Dec 2014 15:39:31 MST
Simba100! I made a typing mistake! I know Torikos a girl! A slip a of the finger! Whoops!
The quote wa good!Ncie how Stitch wanted to go with Yuna to his girls conert! And naughty of Hottie to try to bribe titich! Obviouly he woudl ptoHttoies true cpoloru when Lilo ad Yuna reaval how she aaulted peoiple even foraskign her to bgo back totheback of the queue! Anf Hotties naugty to lie about wanitng to join Angel!
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Sam Cook

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Sun, 23 Nov 2014 06:17:02 MST
Episode List:

Epiode 1!
The one when ssica trick Noey with a fake rumoru of titich elavign Yuna ut t hurt Yuan! But Lilo an Ani but essia with helf from Fibebr an ush and alo Torio and Makiko!
Yuna move to Lilo; place!

Epioe 2
The lot meet Yuna;s odl pals an heplp to rescue foret form lumberjacks!

Epiode 3
Yuna learns to contorlangerwhnthey use a train to purue ome alien mobter and foil their plan to use bomb on a vault for rare gems!

Epiode 4
Borther Bearcrosoove!

Episode 5
Tarzan crosover! Return of 627!

Episoe 6
Return of Recesss Gang and Pnny Porud! Shrinking episode! Prody of Hney I shrunk the Kid and Burrowers an A Narrow Squeak as well a Tom an Jerry!

Episode 7
Tiger Lilly i angry coz Lilo beat ehr and releaes 67 to get bck only for it to clober her and wreak detrucion on the to and to kidnap Ani! First hadowy appearance of Leory who wa frelaed by Tiger Lilly durign her fiht with 627- a sort of tension thig of the sries!

Epiode 8
Brother BEar charatets visit the future - with soem hilariou and chaotic reut a some people panic! And to make thign more eriou Cyber eturn for revenge!

Epsiode 9
Super Robot Money Team Hyerp Froce corssoer!

Epiode 10
Ameican Dragon croover!

Epidoe 11
Kim Posible crosover!

Episode 12
Spooky pecial! Return of Vicotria an Snooty and the goofy buccaners n Dracul Junior and the lien mobsters! Owns references to Scooby Doo!

Episode 13
Debut of Hottie a well Torikos crush!

Episode 14
Yuna falls fo r a boy an is nervous! But earn the by fanceis ehr for hwo she i a good girl who helps others and thignks he beuatiful!

Epiode 15
Crosover with Lion Kign

Epiode 16
Crossover with Hoen on the Range!

Epiosde 17
ineyland Epiode!

Episode 18
Flahsback Epioe!

Episode 19 and 20
Part finale! The lot got to rescue Ani and defeat the Lorys ads well as Hamstervol!

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Tue, 18 Nov 2014 05:38:12 MST
Here are more ides:

Lilo: YUna! Meet Cobra Bubbles!
Yuna: Cobra Bubbles!
(she stares doign a funnyloo as the big man approchcees - amazingly calm)
Yuna: Cobr Bubles! Cobra soudns awesombe! But bubble! Od!
Cobra: Yuna I presume!
Yuna: Wereyou a CIA gaent!
Cobra:Wa! Long ago when i w yougner- and wih hair!
(rubs his hea a he remebrs his hair)
Cobra But it ws logn logn ago!

Tohrue woul hide behidn Yuna nervous of Cobra at first!

Yuna: WOW!
(surprisef at ho Cobra pulle down a door whch Stitch naield to hdie the fairie form poachers)

Yuna: Hwo id you get so tstrogn!
Cobra; Traing helps! You should already know this!

Cobra: HMMM!
(his usal word when thinkng)

(Tiger Lily treis to whakc Stitch with a cub - only to accinelty whack Cobra on the head)
(the club breaks)
Cobra stans there quietly then-)
Cobra (monotone): OOOOOOUCH!
(Yuna blisk surprised at how Cobra;s sacastic ouch)
Tiger Lilyl: Uh oh! I whacked a govenment agent!

Cobra; I got my eye on you Tiger Lilly! beware your temper or it coudl get you hurt! Mst possibly by your own hand as I learned the difficult way!

Cobra: HMM! Odd! Why woul they come now!
(wondeirgn why the Sits ame)

Cobr: Tarzan! it is good to meetyou agian!

TarznDoes Coberra mile!
Lilo: Rarely!

Terk can keep tryign to make Cbra laugh whcih only sued whe Corb laughted at 627;s undignifying defeat!

Cobra: Dummont! It would be unwise to detroy! Sititch! The action could result with death!

Toriko: Who is he!
Yuna: Cobra! A former CIA agent!
Jessica Impossibel!
Hiroman: WOW!
Toriko: Hi!
(hiroman kicks his ball to Cobra who cathe it then kcisk it back)
Cobra Here;s your bal!
Hiroman:He;s goo!

Cobra: HMM! Good to see you at last Kenai and Nita and Koda!
Kenai:Hwo did you udnerstan-! Oh Lilos magic amulet!
Corba: Yes!

Koda; maybe we cna sue the amuelet on esia and Peny!
Corb adly it woudl fail! It would only work on th opened minded! Theirs are too narrow! But go idea!

Kijimuna would be nearvosu ith Cobra at firt for his forwn!

Chrip:HI Mr Bubble!
Corba hello my boy!
Spark Doe he smiel!

Cobr; leisn or Earthlign tey are sentintbeigns! They eserve rights!
(lectuin to a government agent who kidnaps aliens)

Cobra: Ki Possibel! it would be wise to liten to Lilo! 67 almsot destoryed Stitch!
Kim Possibel!: I can bet anyoen!
Orb Beware your arrogne! I knew someone who toguth a you di! He ene up dea!

Kim: You told me so!
OCbra: Glad you lene it befoe you ed! You;re lcuky Ani wa there with you!

Cobra: HMM!

Sheiff: BoY! Are the kids talkign to the animals!
Corba HMM!
heirfif: Impossibel!

oeboy: Are you talkign to the cows an the monkeys and bears!
(he snort)
Yuna: Are you calling them stupid!
CoeboY: yep! And you talk to them!
Tohrue: Why i it worgn!
Cowboy: Animals asre unabel to tlak! We talk!
Yuna: They can talk! As we can ! They sut tak a ifferent language!
Lilo: Yeah!
Cowboy: OOOO! All I heard were grusnt an roars an moos!
(he laguhe)
Toriko isten you-!
coeboY: shut it girly!
(Yuna grbas the cowbyoYU)
Yuan Who are you to call me girly!
Toriko grba another a)
(they both throw the cowboys to Maggie who eagerly bahes them up)
Yuna can adopt the methodo Lilo and Stitih did - screaming on a pillow! So would Toriko an Makiko an the human memebrs of the corssover charavter! And Dolore! Obvisouly ani woudlit too!

Yuna: essica is so so -!
(she gravbs a pilow and screams on it)
ani: Good one!
(Yuna tke the pillow off)
Yuan: Yep!

(Toriko svream on the pillow)
Makiko: WOW! Let me try!
(she screams on her pillow too)

Kim: 627 wouned Ron! An they forbi me to hunt him down!
(she scream o her pillow)
(Rufus hakes his head)

Cobra: Huh!
Pleakey: You stepepd on my foto!
Cobra; Sorry!
Plealey:Boy tho boots are har! OOOOOOOO!

Cobra: This was part of a master-plan! A plan long on the maign
(talking about Leroy;s return)

Cobr: Tiger Lilly! When you releae 67 you also releaded Leroy durign yor fiht with hum! ll of this is your falutl! All youdid ws brign more ruin and deah!

Stiithc: LEave Leoy 1 to me!

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Sam Cook

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Tue, 18 Nov 2014 05:12:02 MST
The anomals talking! Well it happened!
Lilo and Stitch coudlhear the animals due to eergy fom the Grat Spriits!
Yuna and Sasah got the pwoer too!
Lilo got some spirit enegy on a talsiamn which she bestowed on Toriko anMaiko and Torhrue an Dolroe and othr worthy oens! Of course it only afected them due to beign wothy! The open midned! All the animals talkigis formtheir POV! Anyone else woudl just her the animals doing any nosie an think he humans hearing them wr nuts!
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Fri, 14 Nov 2014 06:43:44 MST
Here re more ea:

Yuna: Lilo! Thank you!
(touche by her offer for ehr to tay)

Tohrue: Im too scre!
Lilo: True courg om facing fer!


Yuna: Uh! Okay!Weir!
(urrpise tthe rinbow lgith

Yuna: WOW!
(amaze at the ancestal sprits

Chipmunk 1: So you;re telling me you lost the corns! An you got zero id where they are!
Chipmunk : HMM!
Yuna: Oi! Did you tlke!
Chipmunk: HUAMN! RUN!
(they run)
Yuna: Thie chipmunks talekd!
Lilo: I know! I hear!
Yuna: How id we understand them!
Lilo: The Spriit gve Stith and I the pwoers! The others to! And you too aparently mroe reently! They gve it to us wheI was yougner! HMM! Gues they saw potential on you to giv you ths gift!

Rutt and Tuke can be at frst frigitne of Yna o she cloobere the bear an thoght she woul lobebr them a well!

Yuna: o you thin I sut beat animal for sprot! Who o the think I am! Aa poacher!

Rutt: How di she get strogn! WOW! As storgn a Stiht!

KEnai: I was a raird LIlo wathe only humanwho cared for the cozedss! Gladd to meet more!

Wooloc: Welcom! Anyone whos pals with them i our too!

Yuna: Why dd they give me the gif!
Tnana: Becuae youre worthy!

Yuna: There were cmel an on North Ameris! An saiga antelopes!
Pleakey: Yep! Durign the Ci Age! There were also jagur an tapri an apybaras on Florida urign this tim! But when this tiem edned they ie out!

Yuna: Those mamoths ook shorter!
Woolco: They;re matoon! Our cozes! They browse on tres an swamp plansts whle we graze on gralands!

Yuna: WOW! Giant groun sloths!

Rut Wow! Ya lobebrd a sabre-tooth! And a scimitrtooth! Unarmed!

Saha can cobber a few hyenas unarmedto rsue Rut!

Sasha: Giant beavers!
Plekaley: Yep! oney sied beavers! They dweeld ehre on the Cie Age!

YUna: So this was why we were broguh here! To the ie aeg! tTo prevent hitory form beign altered!

Yun na use her tribal spear ato mroe thn stab but alo as a staff!

Tran: Your fighting talents wre uperb!
Yuna: I lenre to ic before I learned to crl!

Terk: I mistok Ani for you at irst!

Terk: This Yuna got neres! Bals! NEve of dtteel! Gut of iron!

Dumont: Sacra blur!

Yuna: Dummont seems angry with Stitch!
Lilo: he blames him for hpow Gantu trahe the psot uring a fight! An for Wbbo webbgn him up! He;s arachnophobic!
Tnaot: I know the feleign!

Yuna: Got to do this!
(she ebat her hest and oes the Tarzan call well)

Lilo: Well doen! una! You i el!

Terk: Why i you slip up!
Yuna: I i it pon purpose to mke 67 laugh!
Tekr Oh!

Whenthebearcharateroem many people can frek out when they apepar fesrign they wpudl be eaten!

A coupel are looing on some Romeo an uliet film and freak out whe they ddpot the bers on thw widnow!

Ol Frmer utpid mooe! Get off my vgge!
(he lashes with hi rake)

Penny Really! The girl Yuna is wellig with the ecentric weiro! Really!
Koda HuH!
kenai shes teaign them!
Koa Take it bakc!
Nita You know theyre unabel to hear u!
(Oda shotus otut - eah wor comign out a bear nosies on our ear- squeaky ue to his vocal cords beign yougn)
PEnnyP Oi! Why are you herebear cub! Get off my bed!
(she grb him)
Kenny Look her you-!
(enai an Nita growl)
(teh lot frek out and run)

(she runs)
Makiko Uh1 Fumb move! Bears can run as hrose can!

Tohrue BEar! Help!

Some kid would climba tre!

olore! Black bears climb! Lukciy brown oens are too heavy!

Makio Help! I fell off1 Leave me!
Toriko I rfuese BEars LEwave ehr be!
(she uses brahnch as a taff and ues it alogn wth martial arts to efen Makiko)
Lilo Stop!
Yuna theyre friends!

Toroko Sorry i whacke you!
Kenai Brave move! And goo fo you to sav a frien! More guts thn th vowar who fled!
Toriko Wel! JEica a be atft at time! uch -! Such as-! Jsut a mo! Did you talek!
MaikoP I her em too!
Thorue Huh!
olore How!
Lilo Me! My mulet! I cast a pel of pirtual magic on you lot so you could hear the animals!

Koa Wow!

Tork QWWWWW!Sweelittle cub!
(she cules him)
Yuna Yep! He is!I cule him justa you i! Bertter thn any tedy!
Dolores So oft!

Hiromna can kick a bal onto Koa by accienet1

hiroman Sorry ittle guy! Re card o me for kcikgn a ball onto a cub! Sorry!
(the aults pot up)
Hiroman: Oh man! orery!
9hi sisters scream an faint)
Koa: Huh! Wait our breth!
Wool Its jut you! ome human fer ber remmeber!
Hiroman:HUH! A mamoth! I thoguth theydie out 10 000 yeas ago! Boy! Am I reamign!
Yuna: Wrogno!

Hiroman: I udnerstood them!
Lilo: My amulet cgave you the pwor!

Hiroan can sho the animal socer
Maiko: Maybe you sn ue the amulet on Jessicc and Penny!
Lilo Sorry! But it only work on theopen mined and worthy! Their mins are too nrrow! iger illys too!

Tiger Lily Get out you stupid bear!
(she grab Koa oyl for Nita and Kenai to gorlw scarign her)

Yuna Sced of bear ehe!

KEnai this world is trnage! Much h hange!
Tanan can eny a rokign chair!

Wooloc Oh my! The placce is on fir!
(he ucks up rom thebowl and suirts onyl fo the indow to get soake)
Koa Huh!
Lilo Its a winow! Gl to keep thigns out! An theres bearley any fire! Its lgit! Powered by eeltiry!!
Ko The same stuff Sparky shto out!

Oa Thisfrige i cold! ust as icebergs an glairs are!WiikicL Yep! ol!

WooocThis crumpet isruhe!! Looks as if a bison steppe on it

Rutt Which is thi thign you put the cumpets on!
Lilo a toaste!
(the slices ly out)
(one ncoks Koda down)
KenaiLoo out! Its attakign!
Lilo Stop! Its onyl teh!

Yuna umpy lot you are with tech!

Woolco: OH y! Thsoe animal are trapped on this thing! We mut breka them otu!
(he trumpets nd prepaes to charge)
Lilo Its a TV! A machien wihc shos imaes!
(Woolco touhe it
Woolo: Oh! Oops!

Koda: Quite alot of mountains!
Woolco How cnayou o anywhere on te city ith al the big things about!
Lilo Syscrpers!Buildigns as the hosu are!
Rutt: With trees we an see aroudnt heM!
Tuke: Too odd!
Koda; The bridge eh! WOW! You made it to cross rivers! WOW!

Durign the Hyeprforce corsover the Hyperforce would obviosuly help them to recue Sitich and to ight hpsey who is bck for paybac after how thy and ae mae a money fo hiM!

Maggie ust amo! Di thye hear us!
Grace: Yes!
Cclloway: Impssibele! You to obvioulsy imagien it!
Yuna: Wogn!
Colalrowy: I say1 You heard me!
unior: Well I be!
Magie: How the heck di you!
Lilo: The Ancstral Spirits!

Tnot: You cowss cauht a rustler!
Maggie: Yep!

Terk Oh righr!

CallowayOh boy!here we go! The alt tme we went on an andveutr! Oh! i refue to!
Yuna Coem oN! Look on them!
(chichs lo)
Yuna Look on the swet culy hicks!
Ani: Yeah!
Yuan: do you wish fo them to ry if Maggie an grace get slaughtee!
Calloway: Oh veryw el!
Yuna barley fail!
(she and Ani high five)

Lilo: Craty how you got Galoway to go! She;s more tutbbor than a rhinoceros!

Calloway: This Hottie seems painon the re!

Claloway vna try an fail to stop Angel and hotie from quarrelign!

unior: Sutborn old got!
Jeb:: OI!

Maggie: Stitch rocs!

Calloway: OH BOY!

Caloway: Whwy id you amek these thigns!
Jumba: A hobby!

Jesica Wre imprisoned on aspacehip

! And we;re trapped with a trio of ugly cows-!
Grace: Huh!
Maggie: ugly!
Caloway: Wlel really! The nerve!
Jessic A big monkey!
Terk: Ape!
esica: A tubby man!
Mikey: Were over here!
Jeesia: And a senile ol woman!
(toiko and Maikio gasp
TananSenile eh1 LEts see!
(she tes ekys froma guar and pens the door)
Tanna: Sneile eh!
(he chucels)
Toriko: Well doen Tnana!
Dolroes: Repect elders!

Dolores: Yuna! You;re one of the bravetI knew! Thank yu! Mny teaed me for beign a geek!
Ynna Oh reallY!

Yuna: Me clefver! Dolores is lever!
Tarzn eyt you trieke alloway! And tried Carnicon! AnCyber! An shwoe wisdom! to!
Keani!: yep!
ChiriL Yeah! You were smart!
Jinmay Yep veyr!

Lilo: Yuna! You were smart too! Yo used brin as wel as branw a lot!

YUna: wpul prove tough enoguh to beat up 67!He ould recover quicer hn the others of ourse! But she; be able to beat him up!

Toriko would show aaming martiala rts and prove capbel of matching Yuna as shwoe whens she cobebrd some cozes such as Leorya nd 67 an Chospey andCyber!

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Sam Cook

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Wed, 12 Nov 2014 05:41:09 MST
To Simba100: I thoguht of when the Great Spirit too Lilo and Stitch back to kenai's time they gave them the abiity to udnerstand aials! They also i it to Yuna an some others when they travelle bak too! And gve it to Toriko and Makiko!
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Sam Cook

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Tue, 11 Nov 2014 04:57:47 MST
Thanks Stitchthebest36! A ptiy we're unable to show our ideas to the makers!

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Thu, 6 Nov 2014 03:10:11 MST

Here are more ideas:

Lilo would keep Brother BEar style cave paitngins!

Yuna understnads her pals mising the Brother BEar guys and pray to the spritis for h to se the! Paraying fo the eneds of ehr pasl which earns her the honour of meeting them too whenthe Spritis tke ehr there t

Kenai: Yuna! Brave o you to tke me oN! Bare handed! Braver than I was s a human! I foguht with a spear! You used your strenght alone! You beat me up! Bare handed!

Kenai: Yuna foguht a sabre tooth and a sciitar totoh and wolves! Wieling only a club and her bare hands! She wrestled the sabre tooth and clobbered it up! Unarmed!

Yuna can take a piece of the sabre;s fang and use it as a knife after puttign it on a hndle!

The ohana team cna keep spears from Kenai;s tiem!

Lilo an An can know voodoo! Real voodo! Lilo can first be shwon usign it to mock some naughty person ro thretenin the ohana! Using it to make the guy slap himself and other silly thing - makign him look as if he' gone crazy in publci!

Yuna: Sorry i clobebred you!
Tarzan: Its okay! Im gla! I waa afraid Liloo was the only human of ehr time to care or the genrtically made cos! Glad to spot another! And a third!
(looking on Sasha who is helpgn Stitich up)
Trzan: You two riked yourelve to protect Stitch!
Yuna: I thoguth you woudl hurt him till I hear your name! I amired you! Sorry I -!
Tarzn: It's oay!
ane: Brve girl!
Tarzn: Jane was the first woman I met frorm the huamn! She;sa s brave toO! She once beat a lion barehande to protect a bby!
Yuna: Wow! Im an admirer of you twoO!

Tzrn: Girls cna be as goo as boys! Animal girls are touh as I saw! And mothers were strogn! So why is it wrong for human women to be strogn!
Dummont: Uhh-! Well-!
Jumba: A rhetorical quesiton!

Jane an Tarzan acan hep Yuna lenr to do the call!

Yuna csn cna bodn ith Terk!


The ids can ball game with the Africans!

Yuna: A dragon save e! A real dragon!
Lilo: Meet Jake!

Lilo: You;r wecome to tay!
Chiro: Thank you for your hiospitality!!
Jinmay: Thank you! So kidn!
Llo: It's our ustuom to help thoe who nee it!
Yuna: Yes!

Chiro: Who si eh!
Stithc: Sitichc!
CHiro: Oh! Hello! Swet little guy!
(thye storke him and tikle him gentley)

Lilo: GLad you two care! an Antauri too! Mot people see him as areak!
hiroP Freak my foot! If they mocked hm again I woul make them stop it!

LilO: Just a mo!

Chiro cn tke the moneky form from the Svage Land! Triggere by grief when he thinks they al died durign an attakc froM Chopsey! He goe feral but gets found! Jinmay can manag to et to him and help him tame the beast wthin! Her gnetlnees an lvoe can sooth and tame the beat who reverts! A swwet oment between the tow!
Sitch: Me tich!
Lilo: Its u!
Yuna: Are you till n ther!
ChirO: I ma! inmay helep me gain otnrol!! Thnk you lto or beign there for me! The others need hlpe!
Chiro can use the monkey orm wich he cn ontrol thansk to Jinmay;s heling him and use it to sve Stitch roM Chopsey! He woudl proe physcially strogner an fter durign onkey from and his pwoers booste up! And h Monkey min Screm would prove terrible oN Chopsey's ear whch are vulnerbale to sonci blst!

inmaY: We get it!
(she and chiro pucnh him)

Stiith: You sve dme!
Chiro: you sve me too! You heepd me an Jinmay! And helepd em cotnrol my best form!
(he nos)
Ani: Now you can stich between both forms! WOW! A ort of were monkeY!
Yuna: Yes!

Antuair: The tranorming ws to o with his DNA! His mum's genes! She wa part of a people who trandomed to prevous stages of evoltoion!
Kids: WO!
TorikO: The monkey fromwas adorbale!
Jinmay: YE! BautifuL! And fitting hm! His jolliness and kindness as well as coruage! As if his heartcut open bled his soul otu!

The Hyepr Force wouldwould be honorubel part of the ohana a cn the other crosover characterss! Obviosuly Lilo an Sith and Yuna and Ani would acept theM! So woul Toriko and Makiko who are sweet and plucky an Dloroes who iwoul obviously bemaaeed t the 'were-monkey' and the monkey cyborg!

Anturi: Thbk oto you all! You Jinmay! Your coruage acn compaionhelep Chiro control hi beat for! And you lot were brave and kdn to! You heped to save hi and to ith Chpsey! We owe you all!

Lilo: consdier youselve member of our ohana!

(Chiro beat his chet and ccreeche durign both beat an hman orm)
Yuna: yeha! alright!
Ani: You ay it Chiro!
Stitch: WahoO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chiro: Thank you or your hep titch!
Sithc You;re welcoem Chiro! You;re a goo pal! Kidn and brave1 And courageou! And lyal!
Chiro: You awere too! Thake care o your ohana1!
ithc: You of yorus too!
(thuehug duing the godbye scene - a tochgin moment showign they are both more th ighter but sofitie too

Chiro: Hello again!
(dwhen they reutnr on the Wild Wet one)

Magie:HEllo! Why! Thi i one unul og!!
alloway: Looks ore o a monter!
Magge: Hmm1W Which race are you!
Yuna: Alien!! He i oen!
Maggie; I knew lien were real!
Calloway: Really!

Tarzan: Jut a mo! You cuaght rustler!
Maggie: of corue we did! Did you think we cows are dumb!
Tarna: uh- Wrong! I assumed you prefrer to grze!
Maggie: Well sorry to oreect you! But I;m more than an average cow! MOOOOOOOOOO!
ane: We can tell!
Tarzan: orry for offendign your cow-pride!
Magie: Apology acepted! Nice to hear a man apologigin! A rare thing! Epecialy aong humans!
Goat: Many humans think theyre bretter than us o o their thumbs! Coz they make things! They think they're gos! one ay their arrogance woudl detroy them!

Terk: The cranky goat gobble up my banana!
Lilo: Now now!
Tekr: Now now! I y we cobebr him!
Tarzn: Revenge would pison you as it did to Tubelot!

Terk can getannoyed ith the goat!

The pigets: Get the goat!
Koda: Yeah!
Yuna Eay! Lilo says anger can blind!
Chiro: Ey ther1
JInmay: Tkae dee breathe!

Koa and the piglet cna play together!

Ani: You cuahgt rustlers! Wow!
Yuna: Really!
Magie: Ye! Led by the cunning and mad Alameda Slim!
(she hwos a wanted poster of him)
Taro: he loks creepy!
Grac: Ye! He coul charm cows alog with a guitar!
Clalloway: A the pie Piper id wirhth rodets! But Grace was immue beig tone deaf!
Grace: Tone deaf! I cando well!
(she sings)
Tanto: Oh my!

aggie: Why is it you are here I aume bears feed o human! ut a -! Why do two of you mel paart huan!
Lilo: pirit turnt them to bers!
Mggie: Oh!
Grce: Oh!
Calloway: I thgout pirit were yth!
unior: Believe met! they are real!
Lilo: Hametervol wihed they were whenkerha and Stka clobebred him!

Chiro:Who's she!
Lilo: Hottie! Angel' rval! Big touble! he;s bully!
Chiro: Obiou by how he clobbere Grce for admriign ngel fore!
JinmaY: Yeh!

Chiro: Jinmay ign pretiet thn yoU!
Hotoie: h yeah!
(he tire to punch hi but he juo torse her onto the goat
Goat: O!
Chiro: orry old one!

Tnator: Oh boy!
Jane: o thso two stop their wuale
Lilo: HMM!
Yuna: Barley!
Torio: Oh boy!

Toriko would do mgic tris beor e the auience helepd by Makiko an Koa! Chiro an Jinmay cna hep on an act!

Tantor: HMMMM!

Maggie: A little rar froM Africa!

Maggie:UMM!! So why are they her1!

Maggie: So this i who they fight! An oversized gerbil and some shark base ogre! Really! So weird!
Calloway: RllY!
Hamsertvol: Hamter!
Chiro: boy! A grouhy a beor!
Koda; Yep! He i!
Taran: Up tpo you old trcs eh!

Yuna and Torioand Makiko and Lilo and tiitch and Dolre can ride horse!

The jungle coupel cna ride on Tantor who prove just a goo a any horse for pachyderms can outrun human!

Chroa NInmay cna rie Kenai ad Koa durign the WIld West! Bear an run a at a hore! So they could get up! lealey and Jumab re on the mooe! Mooe cna run fat! And Timon obviouly rie Pumba! NAtuir rie !Woolco!

Maggie: A mammoth!
Wooloc: Ye! I am! I;m Wooloc!
Mamgige: I thogut you died ut! Oh time trale too!
Woolco: Ye!

Wooloco: I remebr whe this ln wa once luh lan! But look on it now!
KOa: A desert!
Wooco: YE!! All ried up! Obiouly ried! ccording to a book I leanred to red it sai the ed o the e Age caue plain to beocme eert on thi part or forets on some! Starvin many of us out!
(he sighes)
Wooloc would kep off the alcohol beign a sensible pachyderm! He woudl of course eoy the mui and the comedians joke a wle a the moeliy one! he would of corue wih Angle an Hottie woul top their querrell!
Wooloc: The Grnad Canon! I wnet ther ocne to visit a coz here! Lusher it wa then! But loo!! Its baren aprtform the river! The caes and cliffs remain! LEt go down r a drin!

Woocl:This pace is so hot! Lucky thing I got my summer coaton!

(Yuna fall off her hore and bumps boucing on her bum with the comeic bump ound a few time)
Maggie: Climb on! We got theive to round up!

Yuna can ue a lao well! LEanred form Lilo an titch! So can Torkio an Makiko and Dolore!

YUna can ride on maggie a she butts Gantu and some theives!

The lot an fight ona steam engie!

Caalloway: Theyre mad! They're nuts! They're loony! They're crazy! They;re inane! They;re psycotic!
(freakiing oyut at how the Ohana tem are almly reacting to the tain goig wildly down trak a if it were a rollercoater)!

Hen: You want to get nut rodent! Then let's getnuts!
Lilo Worng mvoe to halenge em Hamtervol!

Hamstervol: You Eartlings really anny me!
(his gag wuote throguht the series)

Maggie and Yuna canhig five an head butt!

Lucky Jakc: Yeepy-Ayaw!
(ridign a zebra)
Buck Horse: Why do they own stripes!
Tanto: Neede to avoid preds!

Lucky Jakc: Them wildebeest are wierd cow!
Tnaotr: Antelopes!
Maggie: Oh well these widlebeest are goign down! CHAGRE!
(she bhe about oem wilebeest to get to the kids)

Hotie: Why i Angel popular!
Falcon: Maybe co you are a creep n shes more ecent!
(he snorts)
(627 puche him)

627 can star a fire to scare the widlebeest an shoot lighting to scare them too!

Koda: Here we go again!
(a the tamepede comes)

Simba: A wildebeest stampee! It;s the third one!
Zazu: Again!

Hottie: Hi!
SImba: You think its funny maing a stampede! You ut endgaere the kids!

Lilo: Hottie! 627! Why did you do it

Dolores woudl reat to the corover one calmy! Amaingly well! MOre freaked by how Leroy can copy titch looks!

Dolores cna show some martial arts talents!

Dolore; I;m more than abook worm!
Jane: We know!
Tarna: Great!
Torio: Ye!
Ddolroes: Thoguh I would obviously get the bonze! Torio getivler! Yuna gets the gold!

uring the Jake roover they can meet Chopsey who is cauin toruble! And also a nice wizard similar to Radagat froM The Hobbti who welome them to tea! nd alo a mad walrok who detoy! imilar to the Mater payed by ohn imm!

The odl wiard cna help them to fight Chopey!

umba Yum! Thi place i goo!
Wiard: You mut go!
(th Walrock apper)
Warlok: You! o we met again! Hwo d -! Wha-! HUan ! you broguth human and beatiehere to eat my foo! Im gonna turn them to pigs!
(he turnz Jmba to a pot-bellied pig)
(he runs)
Warlock: I'm gonna turn you lot to pigs! Cockroaches! Hornets! Worms! Mice! Rats! Frogs! Toad! Fish! Dragonfleis! Damelfflei! Houselfies! Horeflies! Butterflei! moth! Newt! Salamanders!
(Tger Lilly nerly throws up at the idea)
Dolores: I say!
Plekaley: Oh my!
Walorc: I;m gonan eat you up!
Wizar: You ned to get through m to get o my pals!
(they fight woth staff and swords as well as magic - blasltig at eahother and soemtems turnngint o beasts - an reach dragon form simialr to those form England an breaht fire which clolldie Gojirah style)

The walrock turns Plekaley to a python and Tiger Lilly to a toad (mcuh to some of the lots amusement an her own shock) and Ani to a hornet and Tohrue to cokcroach and Hroman to a frog and Torio to a dormosue and Makiko to a shrew and Dolore to a horsefly and Kijimuna to a woodlouse an Ruben to a horefly! But the lot free them when the leers and Jake and the wizard deeat the warlock!

Tger Lilly: iw a a way toad! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!
Yuna: Nice look!
LilO: I hoep it woudl teach yu humulity!

olore; Good work dragoN!
Jake:he name;s Jke!

Wizard; Thak yo or yur help!


Simba: I hear legen o the human raied by ape to the wet!
Tarzan: An I heard elgen o you! The lio who roame Pride Rok ater fighting hi treherou uncle a ome hyenas!

Kiara: Angel! Fits her perfectly!

Simba: got propesition you mightbe interete n! You cna ign before the PredE Lan! Tongiht!
Angel: Ih!
imba Huh!
Lilo: Turoen for ye!

TimonL You;re just a little girl!
Yna: Kiara a a gilr!
Timon: YEh! But a lionne!Youre a human! Clw and ang! Zero!

Timon: I dar you to go to the hynea-territotry!
YUna and Koa and Tekr: We hall!

henzi: Well well! A human! Why is a huma here eith a big monkey! An ape! A gorilla! And which is this!
Koda; m a bear!
Banzai: I hear bear roamed Europe and North America and Asia! Why are you here!
Koda: logn tale

Banzia: I wonder how bear s! HMMM!

Shenzi: Think you;re toguh! I challenge you!
Terk: I challenge you!
Snezi: I challenge your challenge!
Terk: I challenge your challenge and my challenge with a challenge!
Shenzi: I challenge your challenge and my challenge and your challenge with a challenge!
Tekr: An I challenge-!
Twk: Boy! Her; tmeperbigger than my own!
(she growl)

heia an Tekr apump up till Tekr ear o!

Shenzi: I knew you coul barely reit! I her of you! The arogant ae who almot got Tarzan lled by poisonou siders and aloot got lain by paocher! You are gona die! Yum!
Yuna: Ah ah ah!
s9eh ue martial arts and brea out one of he zis teeth wth a oudnhoue ick)

henz: otp or the cb uers!
Chiroa nd Kenia and Taran an Stiich: put thw cub down!
(they and Simba clobber the hyena)

imab You three got vey cocy! You ignored my wranrign an went there! Why!
Terk: He dareus!
imab: Timon! Why i you!
Timon: Well teh human is an the ape and cub are mall!
imba: o you taunte them! Timon! You hould leanr to judge by more than look! I thogut you leanre it whe you met Pumbaa!
umba: Oh TioN! Whydi you let yoru ego et the bet you! You too Ter!
Tantor: Your cockines nealry ot you lain tekr! Why di yu al or Shewni; trick!

Taran woudl act a mentor to ovu about leaership an help him ovecome his own promb!

Proesor Porter: Look! The wildebeest herd is on the move!
Zazu: Odd! Getting a feeling of deja fu!
Tarzan: Why!
Kenai: Wildebeest!
Wooloca: Which sort of wildebest!
Tnaotr: Wilebet alo calle gnus are antelopes with curved horns simialr to buffaloe! Beards! Manes! And logn faces an legs! When they tmpee its quite a ight! MArvelou! Apart rom if youre on their road!
Rutt: HMM! They remidn me of reindeer!
Tuke: And bion!
Chiro: Guy! tamepee! Runnig to the gore!
Spark: Ye! And to me t more eriou! ome of the kid are down there! Yuna and Ani are aogn them!
imab Wha-!
Lilo: Wha-!

Simba: It;s repeating itlef! I faield to ave my dad from Scar! I refuse to lt my uahter an the others de too!

ChiO: Hold on! Were comin!!
(he sense the rhino run over an mp ae)
Chiro: You cauee the tmwpee!
Rhhincoer Rogue: Yes!! The human enee to be punehd!
Hciro; You mosnter!
(he goe to monkey orma nd clobebr u the rhinocer then rusn own to help Simab)

Simab can fal a Mufua id but urve thank to the lot such a CHiroa dn Tarznq an the oahana grabbing him in time before hi fall w complete! A close call!

Zazu woul pot the cloe cla and fall sighing with relief!

Rhincoeor Rogue: The human began it! One o the uman did it!
Chiro: He lies! I oun proo! ook on the widlebewst there! Hi limp! The cut i identical to the rinocero;s horn! imab You did it! forbade you!
Rhincoero Rogue: The human needed to be punsihe!

Rfki: He w trcked
Chro: o Hamsterovl tlekd him nto cung the tampede jut to lure Stitch way while he stole the weapons nee d toflood the lan nd rown Stch!! GRR! The trckeret!
Trzan: ye!
Woolco: He ued the rhino-rogues anger agant hiM! trcke dhim to tmepe the pace a s decoy whle he flodoed the palce!

Rhinoceros Rogue: you told me you wante to help u!
Hamterov: It wa a you Eartlign call t - a lie! You houla payed heed! Oh! And humans shot your parnet! Wrong! I did it! Time travle to make you ueful! The human to blame were my robot made to do it! You wre ueful pawn! Yesss!

imba: Stitch! Humans! ou lot riked our life an aved Pride lands! We owe you all!

Rhicnoero ogue: it wa foolihfor me tove helepd Hamtervol! I shoulda pyed heed! I betrayed you all!And I am prepared to die! Shoot me!
ittih: Naga! Revenge woul poion!
Enai: I went down thi road ocne! i reue to o t agan1

The big bralw betwen Anel an hottie all over the island can own this sor of muic! First some tenciou tuning a the two get in a verbal ne an get more angry whch makes yu upet a fight i onna trt! It end when Hotite turn to pot angel gon! ilenc -then rock tunes paly as Anel kick Hottie! Then kung fu tyle oen pay a they fght! Puae on ome hilariou moment uch a the newsrepoter talk of it and when some people uch Penny and Jessica interupt it only to get toed aside!

(wathcign the new of the bralw)
Lilo: Oh Angel! When would you leanr to contro your teper!

Yuna: otp ighting you two! Your're huritgn people!
(Hottie grab he nd tre to choek her)
Angel: Let yuna go!
(TUna kcisk Hottie over)
Yna: You now! I wa tryign to be nice but you made me ma!
Angel: ty bac! You ight get hurt!
(he tose Yuna for her safety - right on some flower whose mell alm Yuna down)

Toriko woul wear the outifit he wore n Petite Queen while dgoign otu wth the boy he fcie! Tyrin to ct all proper! But of corue he hwo ehrelf orreal when he psort Agel needign help an pots Hottie uign a laer-chaingun to fire thretngyl to police who are tryng to top them! he takes her waitoct off an rol ehr leeves then beats her chet and crie out - then ur martial art on Hotie to protect Angel! The he ten to nge ! The boy look awed an tocuhe -obivouly fin ng Toriko beautful outie and within too!

Yuna would fidn a boy he fancie!

Yuna: Why woudl he fancy me! Im tupi! An ugly!
Ani: Youre preetty!
Yuna: Pretty! How!
ani: your face i et1 Epesicllay the smile! Come on mile! imae a if you mena it! There! And the hair's nice!
Yuna: I'm tupid!
Ani: Your;e clever! You know legedn! And you leanre the call welL!

Lilo: Yuna! BE yrouelf! Remebr your true elf unerneath1

Yuna: I might me up!

YUna can imre the boy wel by savign Ani and titch on the baot from the otrm!

Boy: You ugly! Bah! You looked beautiful to me! The eye! The noe! the chees1 And the smile! You;re cleer! And yoi;re brave an kidn! Your beauty on your rface fit ai fi your oul had ble out onto you outide1

The boy Yuna fancies cna accept the coze and animal allies and the Ape-man an aloe! He cna now amrtial art too!

Jessica would blame itthc or the ettructoN! o woul Tiger Lilly! But those who nwo titch well woul deend hm! Ani an Lila an Yuna wuuld know it; a fae tithc! Cleve girls!

LEroy woudl try to tric the corover character too!

Chiro: Now we knwo you;re a fake! The real Stiich would care for Ani!
Tarn: eyah!
Kenia: Which menas you;re a phony!
jake: Yeah!
Penny Produ: i thgouth I smelt a rodent!
Leroy: Very clever!
Rutt: 627!
Trzan Look difernt! look! ialr to Stich!
leroy: Cll me - Leory!
Terk: Leory! tupi nam!
9seh laughes
Timon RellY!
(leory pucnhs them up or the mcokery

The coresover character as wella Torkio an Maiko and Tohrue an Hiroman and the ret oF YUna; odl djojo tudnets and Kijimuna n Dolore nd the buccaneer pal and raculas amily and the funny wizard can help to fight Leroys!oc an the Glactic Armada1!

Tarzan: itich i the glue which tuc our familie to one!

Sitka: Gntu! Your time or redemption i near!

Kerch: Gantu! I made some mitkaes too! I deneid Taran o hi apeparnace! And the other huantoo! Ithogut I coul protect my coloey! But it backfired when my arrogant enial reuslte dwith my deth and the other beig captured! it w my ault! if i'd accepte them I coula rpevented it! t ws only with Tarzna' widomw they urvied! I mae up or it by givign my life !you cn redemm yiurel too!

Choey: WHoah!
Hamervol: Wha-! What are you oign!
Gnatu: WRemdeption!
(he re the kid
tekr: an I almot hot him!
Koa: and omot cuaed our death by doing o!
Tekr: KErchak w right! I betrwyed the lot with my arrogance!

Leory 1: thi i betwen you an me!
itch: Ih!
(they owrd-ight)

Terk: Gantu! I misjudged you teribly! i nerly made the smae mite of revenge Kenai did! But Jane stoppe me! o did Chiro! And Lilo!

antu: You rove me!
Lilo: ye! We alle up!

Lilo would how an aming forgivign attitude Forivng antu even ater ewel all he did! Nod to ue kylWalker doing o with hi dd!

During the medal scnee Yuna would be toceh at beign mae an ambaor! Provign she i the ame to Lilo an ni and Stich! urign the erie she;d tried to ee if he cna be the ame a Lilo epeiall after her own temper aue toruble! But she leanr she wa the me uch a accepting the others - and espeically whe he pared Gatu and aed ni roM Elroy! She;d feel a tear low a the piitr praie the ot!

Flahe would how futur cip! An adult Yuna runnigna a djoo where aliens as wlel as human leanr maritla atrt! he is amrried to the boy he fancies and has a child or two or three!
Toriko and Makiko also work as magicians as adults!
Tarzan and Jane got babei who grow u wll and formed a sort of society o humans dwelling with haniam with harony!
Jake i amrie to hi girlfirend! They got babies!
Dolore an her boy ar mareid! LEading some cscientists on some reserch!

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Sam Cook

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Mon, 3 Nov 2014 11:28:54 MST
Well said Stitchthebest36! Lilo did eend Stithc! Good on her! I remeb Phantasm's ebute epside welL! I bet i she;d been on the lute one she woula defended Sitih rom Tiger Lilly and tol Yua o the Phantamo!
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Sam Cook

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Wed, 1 Oct 2014 04:30:39 MDT
To Simba 100: I meant drink! I thoguht you knew Toriko and Makiko from Stitch! And Spinelli was the tomboy from Recess! The rest are animals I made up from the Lion King part! Rop's the rhinoceros!
Here are more ideas:

YUna: When I cried and thought you wouldleave me di I embarrwess you aroudn the oublic!
Stitih: Bah! It wa sweet! Nice to see how underneath all the muscles pumps the one I adore the most!
he tap Yunas chest)
Stiith The heart! Your crying show you cared! As did the cuddle!
Lilo: Yep! So sweet!

Trzan: Your daughter reminded me of you Lilo! Yep!

Keni: You raie your child well!

Taran: Oh LIlo! Still as feisty s ever!
(while Lilo slps ummont nd kivsk him down and shouts on him for trying to throw Sitthc out to the river)

Tarzan: Brave girl! Very frew would use bare hands and eet on me!
Yuna; Thanks!
Tarzn: mpressive martial ats!
Yuna: Well I leanred to ki before I leanred to rawl

Tarzn: My wife is so feist and kind as well a beautiul! It's how I came to pot how tough human-women are!
Yuna: Obviously! I heard about how she kicks butt! Well!
Tarzan: I know!
Terk: Yesterday he clobbered a panther for attaking Manu!

(Terk pumps up)
Terk: Bite any of the kids and you get crushed!
(Ed gulps)
Shenzi: So the big monkey thinks it;s tough!
Zazu: Ape!
Shenzi: I challenge you!
Terk: I challenge you!
Shezni: I challenge your challenge!
Terk: I challenege your challenge and my challenge with a challenge!
SHeni: I challenge your challenge and my challenge and your challenge with a challenge!
Terk: I challenge your challenge -!
Yuna: We get it! Get on wth it! Really! Leave t to Twerk to show off and fall for Shenis trick!
(Terk and SHznei growl and pump up a lot)
(they growl an pump moree)
(Terk alls worn out)

Yuna can frighten Shenzi with her own tough act! Pounding ehr chets an then breaking a bit bone ith herown strenght alone as if it wee paorer! The hynea freak out earing the might do it to them)

(Ed looks on Reuben;s sandwich which contains tuna)
Reuben AH-ah-ah! Watch it!
(Ed snaps on it)
(they do a tug of war)
(Reuben punches Ed away)
Reuben: I'm his prototype! Now go or else!
(he crunches a rock)
(the hyenas leave)
Reuben: Much better!
(he eats the sandwich)
Kiara: He sure got tough!
Ani: He can be if provoked by food getting taken!
Kiara: Same with Timon and Pumbaa!

Reuben: A little far from South America toucan!
Zazu: I'm a hornbill Dog!
Reuben: Techincally I'm a genetically engineered animal! An alien!
Zazu: Another! Which one!
Reuben: 625!
Zazu: Hmm! Powers!
Reuben: Same as Stitch!
Zazu: But lacking his spirit!

Zazu: Who is this one!
Lilo: 600! AKA Woops! Stitch's first protype! Same powers! But clumsy as you can tell!
Zazu: Get him out off my tree! He might break it up!

Hamstervol: Some king of the beasts! I can make a better one!
Timon: A mouse!
Hamservo: Hamster you stupid mongoose!
Timon: Meerkat you dumb mouse!
(they quarrel and then punch eachother)

The humans can wear bandoliers! to carry their plasma-ammo

(Yuna runs after beating up the hyenas and laughes - ony to collide with Wooloc who picks her up)
Wooloc: Where are you going you little rascal!
Yuna: Oh hi!
Lilo: Yuna! Where were you!
Yuna: I -!
Simba: I told you to stay away! You coulda been eaten!
Nala: Calm down! We did the same!
Simba: Yes! And almost got eaten too! Yuna! Why did you do it!
Reuben: My fault! I dared her!

Yuna; I wanted to prove as brave as them!
Jane: I know you are! But true coruage means facign fears! And you showd it when you clobbered Shenzi to save nother! You saved Manu!
Timon HUmans are so reckless!

Timon: Him! An alien!
(he laughes)
(Stitch lifts them both up)
Timon: Okay! I take it back!

Kenai: Koda! Why did you follow Yuna!
Koda: To make sure she got back from the hyneas!
KEnai: Koda! I;m glad you care! But you should be more careful! You coulda died!

Kenai: Oh boy! When would Jumba think before he makes monsters!
(after learning of Leroy)

Kenai: Jumba! You made Cyber!
JUmba: Yes! I did!
Kenai: Did you need to make him this aggressive!
Nita:Yeah! You coula made hi as sweet as Stitch!
Jumba: How was I supposed to know he'd turn on me and try to destory us!

Professor Porter can drop his cup of tea when Leroy attacks!

Tantor: AAAAAAAAAAAH! Mosquito!
(Pumbaa eats up the bug(
Tantor: Thanks! One bite and I'd die of malaria! Thank you!

Yuna can put on sme bracelt or necklace a tooth she got fter puching Shenzi on the face!

Makiko: Stitch looks red!
Toriko: IT's someone else! A copy!
Leroy: Very clever for a mere ordinary girl!

Koda: Cyber was uglier than a manginf wolf!

Yuna can clobber a sabre toothed tiger and a scimitar-toothed tiger too on North America! Unarmed!!!!!!!!!!

Makiko: Nice how Kala adopted Tarzan as a baby!
Toriko: Yes! So sweet!

Kala: Genetically made they may be rhinoceros! But Stitch and Sparky and the others are ohana a they call it! Family! And they own somethign ll living beings own! SOULS!
Kala can fight hyenas to rescue Makiko and help Toriko to fight some!

Shenzi: Beaten by an old ape! Really! The old baboon has a bit more dignity! But a big dumb ape!
Yuna: Quit making un o gorillas! Theyre smarter thn they loo!

Terk and Shznie can keep brawling eavhother and quarrell which of their races is better!

Tantor: Spider!
Toriko: Calm down!

SImba: How can the humans understand us!
Rafiki: A few dwelt among them! The rest - blame the Spirits! They earned it with their compassiona nd bravery and wisdom!

The cozes who guest star on the Lion King one apart from Stitch and Reuben and Angel are Sparky and Splodeyhead and Slushy and Elastico and Yang and Yin an Cannonball and Spike and Fibber (who brings comedy by beeping at Timon and Shenzi when they lie) and Swirly and Finder and Hammerface and Threhser and Heat and Plasmoid and SLugger and Richter and Spooky and Retro!

Retro can turn Pumba to an Enteldont (a prehistorc killer hog) to fight some poachers and turn Kovu to cave lion ( prehstoric lion big enough to take on a bison) to fight some too!

Retro cn turn Tantor and Tekr to prehsotirc sleves to fight tougher enemies such as Mbyar and the poachers and Leroy and Cyber and Gantu and Hamstevol!
Jesica: AAAAAAAAAA! Canibal!
Toriko: It's Tarzan hmself!
(she smiels)

Makio: Look out!
(Cyber runs over firing)
(the moose take cover)
(Slugger deflects lasers on robots)

Jumba: Eureka!

Chiro: Thank you for letting us stay!
Lilo: Any guest is welcome!

titchand Thingy would play!

Chiro: You tooo in thee geneically made cratures!
(tocuhed obviously to the oint of wiping a tear)
JInmay: Awww!So adorabel!

Nova: It hurt a lot!
(she and Leroy puch on eachother)
(Leroy zps her and take poro Ani)

Nova: Leroy looked so imilar!
Chiro: I aw he was a fake! The reeal Stitch would barely kick Thingy!

Spark: Chiro!
Chiro: Im getting reinforcements!
(he pushes a rock over)
Tarzan: Pellucir! It's dngeorus!
Chiro: If I stopwe would condemn Erth to Hamstervol!
(he goe to monkey form)
ChiroO: LEt go!
(he cimb doen the hole and reaches Pelucidar)

(dinosaurs come out)
Jesiica: You gotta be kidding me!
Timon:Impsoinle! They died out!
Lilo: Dinosurs!A monster seek to conuer! We must join forces or be his slaves!

Tarzn: Stitch is the glue which stuck us together!

Chiro: You seem cloe with Lilo!
Yuna: Yep! She took me in! She helped me a lot more than I admitted to many! She saved me from my own anger! And sometimse saved me from enemie! She helped us all out! She's been a mum to me!
Chiro: I now how you feel! Antauri did the same for me! Hes been a dad to me!

Crazy Old Man: I told you aliens are real! They wish to take over the world!

Lilo: Whyassume they want world conquest! Just for being alien! Are we Nazis! Do we destroy all who are gentically different!
YUna: Shes right! Just becue they'r difrent you call them monsters! Prejudice began World War 2 and nearly edned Earth!

The old man would leanr Stitich and coes are aliens! He would assume their human allies are aliens too!

The old man would unwittingly help Leroy to kidnap Ani! And regret it when he leanrs the truth!

Grand COuncilwoman:I remember you!
Old Man: YOU! Your soldiers tortured me!
Admiral Orcolot: Tortured! We saved your life from cancer!
Old Man: To check our weaknesses! I know you want our planet!
Grand Councilwoman: Why!
Old Man: And wouldyoudestroy us!
Grand COuncilwoman: Detroy! There are laws which forbd any harm done to Earth creatures! Any species! Earth's a reserve to preserve! Ekeogant! Tigers! Walruses! Oolar bears! Cranes! Apes! Monkyes! Whales! Pandas! Wolves! Lions! Parrots! Mosquitoes! Humans! And others!
(Yuna and Chiroand Jinmya and Spinelli giggle)
Yuna Msuitoe endagered!
Chiro: Aluahg!
Jinmay: Yep!

Ani wouldobviously lookup tot he Counwilwomnaa Lilo does!

The song Hottie an Angel do can be Coming Round the Mountain! And they are obviosuly competing to get the most attention and famefrom the people on the saloon! Much to the annyoance fo the main humans who groan at their lack of sensibiltiy!

Grand Counwiloman: Ani! She remind me o a little girl I knew!
(a sweet grandma moment betwene her and Lilo)

(Jessica spots the Councilwoman wearing an attempt of a human-costume)
Jessia; Who is she!
Lilo: My mum!
Ani: Granny!
Jessica: Ugly!
Ani: Be nice!
Jeica: Green!
Ani: Uh---!
Yuna: Skin condition! She put makeup on to help the skin!

Grand COunwilwoman: Jessica is obiosuly a bully! And obvoiously jealous of you lot! Reminds me of one I knew!
(w espot flashbakcs of an alien counterpart to Jessica)

Tuke: You could Jessica!
Kenai: Revenge! Did you forget which Sitka taught about revenge!
Ken: Get the ugly deer out!
Rutt: Ugly!
Tuke: The nerve! Eat him!
(Kenai roars)
(Ken faints)

Tohrue: Keep back! Please!
(he closes his eyes and punches Kovu)
Yuna: Stop! He's a pal!

Taran:You'd make a great king Kovu!

Cobra: The old man was taken for study by alien cientists! He got the wrong idea of them esecially after meeting Orcolot!
Admiral Orcolot: I was a captain then long before I became an admiral!

Yuna: Lilo welcoemd avampire kid and bumbling buccaneers! Just as she acceptd a wild man and iwld beasts! And aliens! Wow!Shes amazing!

Lilo: You helped htis guy! Very nole of you Yuna! You too titich!

Ken can pick on rac Juinior and get in trouble with Toriko or it!

Toriko cn tend to Drac Juinior s wcn Ani too! Both take him over to Lilo who recgonies is rrace!
The Councilwomans staf members can appear on Earth! The blue lion and the rhinoceros one and the pink one named Azur and the grey one and the tapir one named Ombit and the toad named Getco and the hammerhead shark and the porcupine! They can meet the 'phantoms' attakcgn Dracula's palace and do a Scooby Doo tye runawa rom them!

Ombit: Phantoms are after us!
Lilo: Phantoms!
Getco: Yes!
Sledge: Ugly!
Ombit: They wore cloaks and owned creepy red eyes!
Getco: Yes! Creepy!
Rhino-based one: And claws!
Porcupine one: Bony fingers!
Toriko: Yep! They screeched! We got them here to get them to safety

Lilo: The phantoms were really the thugs who we beat on the train-race! The ones who almost blew up people! They're up to their old tricks!

LIlo: Two can play at this gme!
(she whispers plans of pretendng to be monsters and ghosts to cpture the thugs)

petendign to be a buccner to sce the thugs)

Lead Thug: The treausre of Drac's alace was almost ours! But then you meddling Earthlings mesed it up! And your mutants too!

Grand Councilwoman: This Tiger Lilly is a creep!
Yuna: Tell me about it!

Grand Councilwoman: Tiger ill awakend 627 and almost got Ani killed! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Pleakley: AAAAAAAAAAAAH! Oh we're okay!
Chiro: Is this a wig!
Plekaley yeah!
chiro: Oh! Good! I eared I tore your hir o! Sorry!

Jake: Fortunecookie!
(he uses a knife on a robot)

Tantor: I stopped on Plkealy! I broke is bone! orry!
Plekaly: tantor! Im boneles!
Tanto: oh!
Plekaly: but I am bruised! Ow! My skin is sore! OOOOOOO!

Grand Councilwoman: This Torio is remarkale too!
Yuna: yep! She saved Koda and Tarzaan! And she also helped us out!

Duing the medal scee the COunciwoman can ward Yuna and Toriko and Makiko with special roles on Lilo's ambassador!
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Sam Cook

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Fri, 12 Sep 2014 09:10:30 MDT
Great idea Simba100!
I meant to wirte Banzai instead of Ed! Slip up!

Here are toehr ideas:

Tarzan: Stitich has become the glue which stuck us together!
(during the speech before the fight with Leroy)

Gus would be a major-general when they meet again!

Gretchen would appear as a teacher on Yuna's school! Fitting for obvious reaons!

Spinelli would be awrestler or mrtil artist!

SImba: You humans come! Why!
Rhinoceros: They lie!
Timon: Yeah! Why!
Lilo: But we ome peacefully!
Simba: Yet you ring weapons!

Rhinoceros: HUmans are barbarians! Savages! Conquerors! Mruderess! They only want to take our land ad ensalve some of us for zoos or circuses ad to hunt us for our parts!
Rafiki: Were Scar and Zira human! Wrong! LIons!
SImba: Right! ANger and jealousy an revenge consuem their souls! It would be the same with you unless yu let go!

YUna: Why is Horny so ngry with humans!
Zazu: Because poachers murdere his mother and father for their horns!
Timon: OViously!
Zazu: ANd he wants revenge o humans!
Simba: Revenge would consume him as it di to Scar and Zira! As it almost did to me! It nearly cost me Kiara!
Chopsey: You aks for him! A mere stupid pig!
Pumbaa: Are you tlking about me!
Kiara: Wong move!
Pumbaa: Are you tlaking about me!
Ani: Really stupid move to call him stupid with him around!
Pumbaa: Are you talking about me!
Pleakly: Yep!
Timon: Dumbo!
Chopsey: Uh oh!
Pumbaa: They call me MR PIG!
(he squeals as he chrges bashing Chopsey onto Hamstervol an Gsntu)

Fugitve: Why doe the bullets fil on the blue fdog ad the yellow one!

Poacher: The darts ad bullets filed o the blue dog! IMPOSsible!
(he roars)

Pumbaa: RUN!

Yuna: Why are you after us!
(Ed laughes)
Yuna: Pardon!
Ani: Uh!
Toriko: Why does he laugh!
SHezi: I wish we knew! You are our hostages! We are gonna use you to get to the lion!
Yuna: I heard baout which happened! His dad clobbered you up! And Ed told on you! Too stupid to keep it secret!
Ani: Yep! And they clalaed Pumbaa a dumbie! Yet he proved smarter than Ed!

(Ed just snickers)
JUmba: And they call me mad!

Sheni: Which sort of animal are you!
Stitch:I am Stitch!
Shenzi: I would thin a oala! But I heard they were Australian! ANd grey! You're too blue!

Shenzi: So you mae all those weirdoes! He's mad!
Banzai: Yep!

(Shenzi bites Stitich)
Shenzi: GRR! Tough skin! Cut you stupid skiN!
(they aliens thbug on titch but fail to tear him up due to his tough skin which felt to them as rubber)

Banzi: Man! This ones as tough a the blue one!
(twhen they try on Reuben)

(the rhinoceros prepares to ue his hrn but Wooloc locks)
Rhioceros: Mpve mammot! NOW!
WOoloc: Revene wpuld consume you!

The Tarzan characters cn be amazzed at Wooloc for pbvious reasons!
Terk: Who's the vulture!
Cowboy Condor: Im a Californian condor!
Kenai: Yep! A palfrom our time!
Cowboy Condor: Correct!

Rutt: Oh geeze!
Tuke: RUN! IT'S CHpopsey and Cyber!
they run

The humans can use blowuns to shoot some popachersith darts!

Stitch: Aloha!
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Sam Cook

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Fri, 29 Aug 2014 09:52:19 MDT
Good idea! A Wild Wester one!
Angel siging on tribal bits! Good idea!
Here are ideas:

Old Cowboy: It's good of you to come! Theres barely been a sheriff round these days! After a gang of outlaws rampaged the sheriff is gone! He was slai by their leader! A tragic fall!

Old Cowboy: Agel is quite a siger! A voice of an angel!

The outlaws can be anoyed with their bullets failing o Stitich!

Tarzan: I heard about how Scar betrayed you lot ad slew Mufusa to take the throne! Im sorry!
Simba: Thak you! You are unusual! Most humans fear lions and vi them as monstrs to hunt!

Mufusa: You two did well! The peace between you could help Man and Beast unite as one!
kervcha: Wise oes! Wiser than I was long ago when Tarzan was a hiuld! I efused to accept him! My arrogance nearly destroyed the world!
Mufusa: The actions you lot did ould form a golde age when Man ad Beast unite as one!
Sitka: As they did lo g ago!

Angel: Tha you for saving me from the spitting cobra!
Tarzan: Youre welcome agel! Anyone close to Stitich!
Agel: Ih! 624! Angel!
Jae: Oh!

Jane And Taran wouyl figure out titich and Angel are girlfriend and boyfriend! Tator would too and react with his usual emotion way tdue to being Mr Romantic!

Terk: Okay! I misjudgedher!
(After Angel clobbers a poacher)

Rafiki: We meet! Zazu told us all about you! The ones who brought him back from our world!

Zazu would develope a respecet for the cozes ad human allies!

Simba: You were rasied by big apes!
Tara: Yes! A roguye leopard named Sabor murdered my biological parets! But oe ape adopted me!
Rafiki: Such compassion! And a wise act!

Rafiii: technically humnas are apes! Yep!

Timon: Why did humnas bother to leave the trees!

(Timon and Pumba acidenlty starlte Toriko an Makiki and Ani who fall down the river)
Pumba: Hold oN! Pumbaas coming!
(he dives)
Zazu: ReallY!
Timo: Pumba! Did you forget our talk of babysittig!
Pumbaa: Uh!
(Tantor lifts Pumbaa up)
Tantor: Are you oay!
Toriko: Yep!
Timon: AH! Humans! With guns! Run!

Toriko: Nioce to meet you Pumba! Timon!
Makiko: A warthogu ad a meerkat!

Profesor Porter: Obviously lions are more dignifyign thn leopards!

Chiro ca somehow be traformed to his monkey form when he meets the animal chratcers! But why! HMmmm! Well he would be ablt to control it thanks to Jinmay!

Makkio: You eat bugs!

Jane: Well bugs are good for nutrion!
(Eats a grub)
Chiro winces)
Lilo: Hmm!

Rafiki: The Spirts show themselves before the humans! Well well! They oly how themselves to the worthy ones! These ones are worthy!

Rafiki can reveal the Ark to be real! And to be of Atlantean making! MAde y Noah a tlantean to preserve animals especialy Ice Age giants from humans 10 000 years ago! The flood of the tale was the one which ended Atlantiss empire! The BErmuda Triangle was made to protet their sanctuary!

Tiger Lilly: Are you aware of hiw saveg lions are! They're gonna turn on you!
YUna: So you said about the bears!
Tiger Lilly: Theyre animals!
Tarzan: Were our ancestors so different!

Tarzan: Your dad would be proud of you Simba!
Simba: Yours of you Tarzan!

Toriko: Hakuna matata!
Ai: Swahili!

Shezi:Oh! Look! HUmans! Just as we needed!
Ed: Sarcasm obviously! Why are you here!
Toriko: Were on a trip!

ala: Think before you trust the hyea! Many such as them attack ed us and helped Scar to murder Mufasa with the wildebeest!

Pumbqaa: Oh my!
Rutt: Oh geese!

Rutt: So Afria was humanity's ancestral land!

Yuna: Wow! Pride Rock is amgnificent!

Tanaa: Angel is a great signer!Stitich: Ih!

Tntor: Oh my!

There can be w wildebeest stampede scene! This time with the youger kids running! Chiro an help rescue! So a Tarzzan who saved Simba and proved humans be friends with qaimals!

au:HOw can we beat Hamstervol ad the paoachers!
Stitich: Idea!
(he dig udergroudn and reaches a jugler underground
Stiitch: Pellucidar!

The lot can recruit dinosaurs to help the Prideladers - a Giganotoaur a Spinosaur a Brachiosaur a Diplodocus a Stegosaur a Triceratops a Styracosaur a Pachyrhinosaur an igudandon a Parasaurlophus a Pteranodon a Quetzalcoaatlus a few Velociratrors a few Megaraptors a few Guanlong a Pachycephalosaur a Carnotaur and an Anylosaur!

Zazu: Impossible!
(shocked at the dinosaurs)

The main guys ca ride o the big beasts to fight!

Angle can sig o Pride Rock!

Mufusa: Remmeber who you ot are!

SImba would be pleaed at the humans respeccting the Cirfle of Life!

Kerchak: Well done Stitich!

It can turn out why Stitch crahsed on Earth! The Sprits brought him ad saved him from a black hoel! To protect Earth forseeig the good he would do for it and other worlds!

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Sam Cook

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Sat, 23 Aug 2014 07:16:02 MDT
To Simba 100: Than you for thing the Yuna scenes sweet!
Yp! Angel would meet the crossover characters!
Here are more ideas:

Angel would hear Noey's rumour and obviously spot the lie! Knowign Stitch too well! And clobber Nosey! obviously because she considers him a nuisance or nosing on other peoples buisness and blabbing 'em out! Remember her reaction before when he told hers and others! She clawed him!

Angel can threaten to clobebr Jess for lying and framing Stitich!

Angel can be tranporte through time too!

Nita: So thi is Ange! She's beautiful!

Koda: Wow! Good use!
(impresse when Angel uses the antennas to work on some tech on a spaceship)

Angel would prove good with a spear too!

Angel would clobebr Dummont for tring to throw Stitich out!
Durign the jungle aventure Angel wears a flowr on her helmet!
Kala: Welcome Angel!

Angel and Jane woudl get alogn well! ane coudl make a dres for Angel!
Angel would kick Gantu on the face for shooting at Terk! Terk woudl go 'Go girl'!
Angel would reveal fesr of spiders and snakes!

Angel would cheekily bite Penny while she is small!

Angel: We! Mice! The nerve!

Zazu: Nice to meet someone more cultured!
Angel: Hi!

Zzu woudl think o Angel as more cultured than Stitich till he spots her temper and be creeped out!

During the Hyper Force crossover Angel can help Jinmay and Nova to fight to help the others!
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Sam Cook

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Wed, 13 Aug 2014 07:08:29 MDT
Thank you for enoying the Chopsey scenes! I thought them up coz it would show how he is nuts! It was obvious the way he grumbled of Stitch out of jealousy and turned himself to a monster to be better! It was also to bring some comedy! Especially his overractions!
Yuna changig her surname! Aww!Good idea!

Here are more ideas:

During when Yuna hugs Stitch begging him some of the cozes would be there! Obiousy some humans are touched too!
Toriko would give Makiko a hankechief!
When they learn Jess leiud to Nosey they can be cross for hwo she tried to break Stitich and Yuna!

Teacher: I mighta known! Why did you do it! I want the truth!
(Jess gulps)
Teacher: I thoguht so!

YUna: sorry if I embarressed you with the emotional dram!
Stitch: Why! It showed you care! I was worried after you ran off! I suspected Jess's laughter hurt you!

Yuna: Thanks Lilo! You're so nice!
Lilo: As are you!

Lilo can prove to be the only human so far to match Yunas physial strenght! Obvoiously capable of breaking a robot up with bare hands! Thankfully she is as gentle too!

Tohrue grows mor confident wth help from buds and gets real good at martial arts!

Lilo helps Yuna overcomeher temper! Remembering her own anger issues whoich caused chaos!
Lilo: I understand your feelign Yuna! I gave into anger! And it resulted with chaos and nearly got people destroyedd! LEt anger control you and people could perish!
Stich: Ih!
Lilo: As was proved durign all the wars!

Lilo can reveal some voodoo talents! And a sort of dojo and shrine with cave paintings and stone dragns an animal carvingds!

The Spirits would be seen all ove rthe iland during when they come to bring the main charatcers back in time! People woudl look up to them! Mnay amazed! Ssome such as Jess and Penny frightened!
Torio an Maio woudl be amazed! Proving bodler than Jess!

Sasha would rub her eyes thinking it's a dream at first!

When they get transproted back Pleakley woudl wail!

YUna: We're 17 thousand years back! My! Boy did we go back!
Llilo: When man was beginnign to clolonize the Americas!

Yuna: My! Such big glaciars!
Lilo: Yes! But they'll melt and many great beast will die out for 10 thousand years!

Yuna attakcing Kenai and Nita to protect Sitithc would seem a veyr poor impression! But thankfully it proved to be a good one du to how the bears aaw her caring wualities nd aection for Stiitch and his cozes!

Koda woudl go You're as strong as a bear'!

Yuna wpoiuld be dertrmiend to proveshe is as worthy as Lilo! And leanr she already was with help from the Brother BEar ones!

Rutt and Tuke would panic as Hamstervols robots attac!

Yuna: Saiga antelopes!
Pleakley: Yep! Big-nosed ones! They would die out here and Europe! And survive on Mongolia1 Ther are also others here who you woudl remember on other places - cheetahs and lions and capybaras and tapirs and jaguars and camels!

Yuna would prove strong enough to beat up a cave-lion and a sabre-tooth! Bare-handed! With jsut martial arts!

Koda: And then Yuna clobbered the liona dn the tiger with her moves! As strong as a bear and as fast as a cheetah!
Yuna would earn a totem as Lilo did! She would also get a spear as Lilo did!

Gantu: You bears again!
Kenai: Gantu!
Koda: Hello Sharky!
The condor I thought of is a cowboy type!

Yuna: A condor here!
Pleakley! Yep! The condors you think of are Andeans! This ones a Californian! Soon to be endangered!

Durign the Tarzan crossover the group wear safari outfits1

Gantu: You again Ape-Man!
Tarzan: Gantu! So you come back!
Jane: With Hamstervol holding your leash as usual!
Tantor: There was this red monster attackign! Looked simiar to Stitch but with same powers as itber cozes such as Sparky and Splodeyhead and Slushy and Heat and Spike and Elastico and others!
Group: 627!

Tarzan: 627!
Jane: You made a 627!
Jumba: Uh!
Terk: You idiot!

Terk: Why are humans so daft!
627: I come to fight the ape-man!

Stitch and the gang would clobber poachers!

Jane would be seen at one scene helping a zebra-foal back to his herd! A good way to shwo she is well adored and why!

Dummont: Jane! 627 is a monster!
Jane: A woman can fight too!
(she karate chops a board of wood)
Tarzqn: There you go!

Dumont: Whenver those aliens come my psot gets ruiend! Why does my post get ruined!
Terk: Maybe coz you took a rhinos teritory!
LilloO: You stole it from animal! Surprise surpsire!

Terk: Which sort of moron would make a mosnter of mass destruction with same powers as some of the deadliest cozes!
Plealey: Ask Jumba!
Terk: Yeah! He would mae 627!

During the shrinking episode Toriko and Miakiko at first think they are Borrowerss before seeign them!

Lilo would hitn Borrowers are real by ssyign 'I know some'!

Jessica: There are mice all over!
Penny Proud: How could she mistake Sitihc's paws for mosue-prints! Reqally!

Penny Proud: Im calm with the aliens and srhinking! But the girl freaks me out! How could she mistkae pup prints for mosue-prints!
Gretchen: Yeah! Why!
Tj: Nuts!

Toriko: Mice re swweet!
Makiko: Yep!
JEssica: And filthy! Germs on fleas! Yuc!

Kenny: I got ants on my pants!
Penny: Stop dancing! Youre ruinging our mouse-traps!

Pleakley: Jumba! If you try to use some drugs on animals to try to bosot up parts - TRY IT ON HARMLESS ONES!
(still corss at how Jumbas lab-things on an addar and a black widow and a scorpion nearly got him nd the others eaten)

Gretchen: Well one of JUmbas thigns proved good! The super-flies helped! Think of how tey could help with garbage!

Tiger Lilly: How could I lose to a Hawaiian! I wqas the strongest!

Loilo: How did you fin out about 627!
Nosey: I told her!
Yuna: Squeak!
Squeak: Yes!Yuna: Shut up! Or 627 would hear us! If any of us get spotted Ani dies! We msut get in!

Ani would show impressive martial arts Yuna taught her!

Jake: Chopsey! Look here! You should let your jealousy go! There is a war on! You must help us to-!
Chopsey: War! Which war! Are you hearing which I beam to you! You think you got juice! Let me shien you
Lilo: Huh!
Yuna: I got little idea whoch you said!
Jake: Then again hes nuts! Obvoiouly the way he wears a cheap acket which sucks!
Chopsey: Sucks! I'll show you!
(they fight)

Chopsey: I was Jumba's best before you!
Stitch: Bah! Jealous punk!

Lilo: Oh Chopsey!
Chopsey: Go on! Try the cigar!
(Stitch trahses it)
Stitch: Smoking unhealthy!

Lilo can trick poachers with a myth ofa monster as she did dyring Holio's debut!

Kim Possible can try bolas on 627 who cuts them!

Admiral Orcolot cn be voiced by Jim Cummings with the voice he used for military!

Ron: Kim! You offended alien polictisns! They might begin a war!
Grand Counciulwoman: WHy! We got laws which forbid any harm done to Earhtlings! You lot are rare!

Kim: So to soem aliesn we're jsut endanged animals to be protected!
Lilo: You should be pleased! And we are animals! Apes!

The Kim return would show Kim learnign more humulity! Learning to listne more espeiclaly after her refusla to acpe the ids help gets her and Ron woudned by 627! Kim would also struggle with feleing embarrsesed aat beign looked upon as a beast by some aliens and leanr many look upon them as equals!

Toriko would bravely confron the bears thining they woudl eat Makiko! But then they leanr theyre pals of the others! They bodn with the animals an help with the tour as well as to fight Cyber!

Koda would be wearing glases and hearing an Elvis thing on headphones!

Some people would freak out at the bears obvously when they appear!

oda: Why are they scared!
Plekaly: youre bears! They think of bears as monsters who eat peopel!

The bears would peek through a window on a coupe watching a documentory of polar bears! The couple would spot them aand freak out fearing the lot want to eat them!

Koda woudl raid a kithecn on Jess's house! Thus angering Jess! Jess attacks him and thus provokes Kenai and Nita who scare her off with a roaR!
Jess: BEARS!

YUna: oda! whyy did you raid Jesss hosue!
Koda: The ood smelt good!
Yuna: The people fear you bears! If you keep doign it they'll hutn you!

Lilo: Yunas starting to talk as if shes a sister to Koda!

People would go on a hunt for the bears! Only to be beaten up by Cyber!

Lilo: These people! I got a terible feeling it was someone other than the bears! Espeiclaly laser-marks!

Lilo: Cyber is another of the cozes! And I thought 627 was nuts!

Kenai would try to reaosnw ith CYber!

Kenai would prove he and the other bears are nice when they save the town from Cyber! Peope woudl cheer for thme! Apart from Lillyand Jess and Penny and Kenny who are still cross abotu being roared at!

The sports episode woudl show Torio and Mkio helpign the team!

The cheaters would cheekily try the sickness drug they did on oneof the boys! But Stitch would be okay! Toguh immune system! He woudl jsut burpit out!
Lilo's team wouldprove better! due to teamwork and good sportsmandship wdurign the Sports epsidoe!

One of the sports palayers they heldp would hug Stitich and thank the lot for their help!

Lilo would obviously welome Drac Junior and the buccanner allies!

Toiko qand Makiko would welome Drac Junior and the buccaneers too! It would be funny if a young buccaner mistook Toriko as one or ehr costume and flirted with her!
Tiger Lilly: EEEEEEEEEEW! Get this freak out! An ugly mutant!
Victoria: Ugly mutant my hair! Hes a boy as any others

Lilo cn turn out to be an old apl to Dracula!

Tarzana nd co woudl get alogn with the Brother BEar ones!

Tarzan would oboiosuly be god buds eith Kenai! As eseppially shwon the way they talk to eachtoer as itf they are people seing beyodn their physical differences and hwo they both agreed on how their future pals ould help heal the ravavegd world and agreing on rescuing their ohana!
Tarzan and co as well as the Brother BEar co would enjoy Animal kingdom and the JungleCrusie!

Tarzan: Pardon! Did you see a blue dog!
(A man dressed as GRumpy points)
Tarzan: Thank you!
(he swings off)

Tantor: Look ! They got more! Birds! And flowers! And 627!
(he gaps)
Tnstor: 627!
Rutt: And Cyber!
Jake: And Chospey!
(they gasp)
Tantor: We must warn Stitich! Hamstervol is preparign a trap!

Hamstervol: This land is my own!
Tarzan: Wrong!
KEnia: This land belongs to all!

Koda can bite Hamsetervol's tail durign each encoutner!
Jane can save Toriko and Makiko from falling witht he vine-swingign! Obvoisluy the two are fans fo hers And they get to save her back from Chopsey!

Kenia would save Stitich from the foundtain! Tarzan would help get the liquids out to prevent Stitich from drownign!

Tekr: Boy! These thigs get weireder and weireder!

Hamstervol: You Meddlign Earthlings are gonna rregret meetign me!
Koida; We already did! Coz we keep hearign your giberish and threat! Blah Blah Blah!
Yna: Yeha!

(thegroupsmile as fireworks fly up)
Tarzan: Well done! We saved this park! And this planet! Together! Prove Man and Beast can work toegtether as one! One day they could be equal again as they were when Man was a sort of ape!

Pleakley: We are under the Earth's crust! In Pellucidar! Were gonna die!

Jumba: Remarkbale!

Lilo: This Hottie sounds dangerous!
Shop Keeper 1: She is! I told her to go back! But she attacked us! And too perfume!
Shop Keepr 2: Same with me! She wanted sweets such as fudge and smarties! I told her to go back! B ut she attacked me too! Shes crazy!
Butcher: Yep! She attacked me for meat!
Baker: And me for bread! Mama mia!
ishmogner: Sacra blur!

LILO: Oh Jumba!

Toriko cn wear the otufit she wore on Peptite Queen while going out with the boy! Trying to loo Pretty! Sweet look!

LIlo: Toriko! I wne throguh your probs! Remeber! I was young! I leanred this! BE yourself!

QAngel: You are going down!
(attakces Hottie durign the fight)
(they mash up the sma shops)
Shop Keepers: Again!
Baker: Mama Mia!
Btucher: Help!
FIhshmonger: Sacra blur!

Yuna: Did you spot two lady aliens fighting!
(the woudned shop keeprrs ppoint)
Ani: thank you!

Toriko would try to act ladyish durign her going out! But her tomboyish qualites get shwone when she fights Hottie to save her pals! THus impressign the boy who does the hearts on eyes at her martila arts and her guts and her gentle act of helping the hurt!

Lilo: Well we gfoud ause for Hottie! Keeping 627 udner control!

Dolores: Remarkable!
(amazed at Leroy)

Leory woild try to trick Yuna by pretendign tto be Sitvh! Buyt Yuna proves clever and spots through the trickery especially by pointign out he always refered to some people by name and hows more respect for animsl (such as she bust Leroy alliugn Kenais painting a daft bear paintign and calling Tarzans paintign a weird monkey-man)!

Leroy: Clever girl!
(he becomes red)
(he roars and beats his chest)
(Yuna beast her chest and roars)
(they wrestle)

Lilo: Leroy! If you harm my duaghter! I'm gonna-!

Sitka: Well Tiger Lilly! Still think Stitich is unneccassery! Without him which chance does Earth get to survive the Apocalypse Hamstevol and LEroy could start!
Tiger Lilly: Humans are all pwoerful!
Sitka: So many giants such as dinosaurs and Pleistocene-giants appeare! And they died! As can your racce!

Yuna: Lilo! You helped me overcome my own inner demons and to overcome all my doubts and lenr I can be as great as you and others! I m goign with you! Ohana!

Tokrio: You helepdus contless times! We help!
Crossvoer CCharqatcers: Youre our ohana too!

The Grnadn Councilwoman helps them to rescue Ani! She shows some fighting abilties and uses a plasma-hotun and a sword!

Lilo can manage to get Gantu back!

Terk can fight her inner strugle too! Almsot giving into revenge oN Gantu until Kenai stops her! If Terk ahd given to revnege she could cost Ani her lfie! As she almost ended the jungle by awakenign 627!

Lilo can clobber Hamstervol and Leroy 1 for attacking Ani!

The ohana team and allies get medals each from the Council!

During the ending of the series we get to spot the lot looking over Earth and hear wise words form Lilo!
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Sam Cook

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Fri, 25 Jul 2014 09:24:50 MDT
Hmmmmm! Change Yuna to Pelkai! Good idea yoursel! And thanks for calling my ideas sweet! I guess I got sa soft spot on my heart somewhere!
The corssover characters I thought of help to spice things up! Action and awe! And obviously comedy too! And a lot of warmth especially due to the heartwarming kments between the leaing oens who are gentle souls! Especially how thye accept the gentic made aliens! Many would call them freaks! But to the Brother Bear and Tarzan and Monkey Team guys they are people and creatures too!
I thought o Toriko and Makiko being linekd to the ohanan due to being more decent than ess! It got to me on Petpite ueen! I chose them to ight to prove them can! And to show TOriko is a tomboy! I also chose them to adore the characters from other shows to show thye are nice enought to accept ild beasts and wild men and cyborgs - judging them as more human than some such as 67 and Chopsey!
Here are more ideas:

Stitich: Wlecome - Yuna pelekai!
Lilo: Oh Stitich! You angel!
Yuna: Yep! Your heart is tooooooooooooo big!
Lilo; As id yours!

Lilo: True corage is form facing fears Tohrue! And youproved it! Risking yourself for firies!

Tarzan: it is good to see you again Grand Councilwoman! Grand Councilwoman: The eeling's mutal Tarzn!

Kenai: Welcoem back olf friend!

Knai: You are welcome here too Yuna!

Toriko: AAwww! So sweet!
a(cuddling Koda and stroking him)

Moose: Boy! The humans get weirder!
(freaked out about the tech and the vehivcles)

Lilo: chiro es frightend o vlonws! Well I was too!

Yuna: So sweet!
(cuddlign Thingy)

Stitch: CHARGE!
(he headbutts Chopsey down)

Chopsey: RARGH!
(he tries a fierce face)
Makiko: You need to calm don!

Agent: Do you lot feel safe!
Lilo: Sorry to show a lack o respect or govenrment agent! But tell me which you mean!
Agent: Tell you which I mean!
Lilo: Pardon!
Agent: Pardon!
Group: Pardon!
Agent: Pardon!
Group: Pardon!
Agent: Pardon!
Group: Pardon!
Agent: Enogh! I meant a;iens! You know! So tell me where they are so we can destroy it!
Lilo: Just for beign different!
Agent: Urhg!
he leaves for the toilet)
Lilo: good work Yuna! Stuffing the old chocs on his tea!
Yuna: It ought slow him donw!
Antauri: Resoruceful!
Chiro: Yep!

Yuna: So you;re Skeleton King! You;re uglier than I imagined!

Lilo can prove strong enough to tear robots apart and clobber them with ust martial arts!

Yuna: How did Lilo get strong!

Lilo: Wow! Yuna's strong!

Ani would ook up to Yuna and attempt to be as strong! She would prove so strong! I onder who she cn push out off the house! Maybe soemone who made fun of Stitch or some nosy spy!

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Tue, 22 Jul 2014 01:37:03 MDT
Here are more ideas:

When Yuna begs Stitich to stay when she thinks he's gonna leave her a fiddle plays! Who would play it!
Some people would be touched! Toriko and Makiko would wipe tears! Hiroman woudl smile! Lilo nd Ani would smile too - thye knew Stitch would think before leaving buds but are stil pleaed to meet another human who cares for 'mutants'!

Lilo would becomea motherly figure to Yuna when she joins them! And help her with probs such as learning self-control! She'd be the same person- only older and more self-controlled such as controlling anger!

Lilo would be as Tanana called her a sort of shaman of modern times! Obviou by the voodoo and shrine and spiritual things!
Lilo's house would own a dojo and armoury!

Toriko and Makiko would be allies to ther lot! They woul bond with the Brother Bear guys and Tarzan guys well! They would turn to be fans of Kim and Jane porter and Tarzan and Jake Long! They would revela some martial arts skills and be able to fight!

There would be a few specials as well as episodes! One I thought of is when the Stitich characters and their corssover allies meet some other crossover character - Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force GO!

During the Hyper Force Special!
Makiko: Robotic monkeys!
Dolores: Cyborgs! Most of them got organs! The silver one appears robotic!
Lilo: Mostly! I feel a soul within it! A spirit using a robotic body!

Jane: The monkeys ar sweet! Adorabel!
Lilo: Yep!
Ani: Yep!
Toriko: Yeah!
Yuna: Who made them!

Lilo: Your family! The monkeys are your family!
Chiro: Yep!
Lilo: Awwww! So sweet! And I udnerstand! These lot! My family too!

The Monkey team would obviouly bodn ith the lot! I can picture them bonding with the cozes especially dear Stitich! I can picture Chiro and inmay bondign with him and Otto petting Stitich! And I can also piture spiritual Antauri accepting him for his heart!

Antauri: Stitch! You proved more human than monster! I saw it within your heart!
Stitch: Thank you!

Chiro and Jinmay would bond with the humans and animals due to their kind hearts and coruage and wisdom!

Nova and Yuna can spar!

Thingy can appear! I can picture the soft hearted humans adoring him! And laughing at Gibson's owardly reation to Thingys saliva!

Lilo: C'mon! Thingy's sweet!
Gibson: And disgusting! His saliva's all gooey and gemy!
Ani: The Alchemist made you!
Novaa: Yes! A good man! Wise and heroic and ust! He used science and magic!
Lilo: It's how alchemists are!

Before they realise the Alchemist became Skeleton King the humans and aliens and animals would think at first Skeleton king kidnapped the Alchemist!

Chiro can surf-board!

David: Spark! You need to follow your heart!
Denahi: Yes! Follow it!

Dolores would find old records of the Alchemist's diary and plans of the Monkey Team! And fail to spot any suggesting he was becomign Skelton King!

Spark: Ge your diry paws off me you dirty human!
(annoyed wih Ken for picking on him)

SkeleMandariN: Ge your slimy paws off me you irty human!
(annoyed ih Chiro or Yuna for grabbing his tsil)
Yuna: Ge your filty claw off Ani you dirty monkey-thug!
(she kicks SkeleMandarin on the guts)

Penny: get your paws off me your dity monkey!
(aanoyed hen otto grabs her to resuce her)
Scrappeton: How many times must I come down! How difficult is it to shoot one target!

Scrappeton: Ah! So you must be 626 and Tarzan and the Bear Brothers and the America Dragon nd Kim Possible! Joine dup with the monkeys! Bah! Mere commoners!
Kim: you can talk robot!
Scrappeton: I am Lord Scrappeton! Grand Earl of the Mecha-Realm!
Yuna: We heard your temper!
Scrappeton: Yes! A letover from my human-days!
Terk: He was human!
Kenai: Relally! How did he-!
Gibson: He replaced his flesh with machinery to 'upgrade' himself!
Scrappeton: Upgraded!

Scrappeton: Fire!
(his robots fire)

Jinmay: SkeleMandarin: I mighta guessed! I rcognisd the foul stench of your rotting flesh anywehere!
Skelemandarin: Charming as always! Little wonder the boy fancies you!

SkeeleMandariN: You are so weak coward!

SkeleMandarin: So the legendary 626 and Tarzan and Kenai! Perfect! And the America Dragon! And Jumba!
Tarzan: And we know of you!
Yuna: How could you betray the Monkey Team! Well the original mndarin!
SkeleMandariN: bah!

Ani: Release th Alchemist!
Skeleton-King: Why! He is mine! Forever! My body! Yes! I was him!
(they gasp)
Yuna: You're lying!
Skeleton-King: Am I!
Chiro: I'm sorry! But he speks the truith! This time!
Dolores: You made them!
Skeleton Kign: Wrong! My human host did!
Lilo: And you;re some paraite who took his body! Made by the Dark Ones! Release him!
Skelton King: He'll die!

The spiritual one can somehow free the Alchemist! Sort of spliiting one to two! The Alchemist and Skeleton King split part! Maybe ith a mind meld o seomething magical! Soemhing spiritual!

The Alchemist can save Stitch when Skeleton King drains him and also help to beat Skeleton King! He can also be a sort of grandpa figure to Chiro!
Chiro: You would die!
The Alchemist: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and the one for freedom is the right of all sentient beigns!
Skeleton King: Destroy them! I am gonna destroy this human!
(he kidnaps the Alchemist)

The Alchemist would be prepared to sacrifice himself to slay Skeleton King and redeem himself! But he would be saved from it by Stitich taking the blast for him!
The Alchemist: This selfless creature risked his own for others!
Lilo: Yep!
Yuna: Stitch! Such humanity!
CAntauri: More than most humans!
Chiro fforms the Power-Ape and uses it to carry pals up especially the children! And fights off Skelton-Beasts! A nod to King Kong!
The guys get to ride on the Super Robot and help to drive it!
The Alchemist and Chiro and Stitch and Lilo and Yuna and the others can beat Skeleton King!
Lilo: May the Great Spriits be with us! Always!
The Alchemist: Thank you Chiro!
Chiro: Than you!

Stitich: Thank you!
Lilo: You saved Stitch!

Lilo: You are part of our ohana! Always!
(during the goodbye scene)
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Fri, 6 Jun 2014 17:27:34 EDT
Here are more ideas:

When Yuna feared Stitch was gonna leave her shed think it wsd because shed offended him by dropping some liquid on him! But obviosuly Stitch knoes it was an accident and had already forgiven her -more annoyed by Jessica and Tiger Lilly chuckling at his appearance and making fun of the clumsy accident!

Durign when Nosey spreads the rumour due to being miseld by Jessics Squeak can be the one who tells Yuna! Yuna can be annoyed with Squeak's usual fast talk and ask him to talk slower! She;d accuse Squreak of maing the rumour up!

Yuna: I thought you would leave me because of the accident!
Sttich: Accident it was! You slipped thanks to Jessica!

Lilo: You made a mistake Jessica! Mesign with my ohana waa a foolish move!

The bi withn Yuna besgs Stitch to remain and hugs him cryign would get some sweet music! Maybe a fiddle and some other fitting ones! Somethign which cries 'AWWWWWWW'! Jessic would lauhg! Toriko and Makiko would shed tears touched!

Jessica would be in toruble with the other kids when they leanr she used them to try to split Yuna and Toriko: How could you Jessica!

Reccess Scientist: To be thanked by the Grand Coubncilwoman! Quite an honour!
(some time after the Counciulwoman thanked them for helping)

Lilo's voodo objects would put on a sort of shrine along with other spirual obects! One of them is a totem Lilo sues to help people understand beasts! Any ideas how the Animal Totem would look!

Soem Brother Bear spirit-music would play on when Lilo talks about the Brother Bear guys sort of from the bits when the bears looked on the cave-pintings!

The Spiit bit would get the Transforming song as the Spriits take the group back to the past! Awesome song for this awesoeme bit!

The Grand Councilwoman and alien staff would appear durign the time travel episodes to Brother BEar and Tarzan worlds due to chekcing up on the energy on Earth - little suspecting it was the Spritis calling them!

The main characters of Brother BEar and Tarzan would obviosuly be pleased to meet their old buddies and new ones! And the Coulilwoman too who is pleaed to meet them again!

Grand Councilwoman would be good pals with Kala!

Kala would accept the cozes as the other main characters do! Obviously due to her belief of souls being more improtant than appearances!

The Wazari would appear on the Tarzan croassover! Those African warriors who are pals with the lot! They wpudl accept the cozes and admire them for their bravey and nobliityl! Jduign mostly by spuls! The one they saw as a monster was 627 for his warmongering and bloodthrist!

Terk: Why do I always get the ridicouls outfits!
(grumbling at his clown-cosutme as part of a plan to amke 627 laugh to save Tarzana nd Stitich)

Tantor would eear the carpet thing on hos head and tusk ringd and a fez!

The song 'Two Worlds One Family Reprise' would play on the ending of the Tarzan crossover!

The main human-allies would prove strong enought to amtch 627! He would recover auicker tha most would and et an advantage due his projectile attracks and stronger stamina! But fail due to his cockyness and his sense of houmoru!

(during when the mobsters fire on Stitich)
MobsterLeader: Crush him you bums!

Chopsey: Curse you! Curse you all to-!
Lilio: We get it already!

Kenai: BRave girl TorikaO! We might eat you yet you were willing to protect your friend! True friends! Yep!

Rutt and Tuke would panic at 627 and Cyber and Leroy and Chopsey and Hamstervol and Gantu!

Kim Possible: You made a 627 Jumba! You're mad!

Admiral Ocrocolot: CHARGE!

Durign the whale-episode there would be apale one! Tribute to the legendary Moby Dick!

When they go to Disneyland the crossover characters would look all over as Stitch did! The comedy characters would obviposuly mess up due to the moose's stupidity and Terk's cockiness and Ron's small attention-span! They can keep getting sime food and gettign into trouble when they crash onto things and runninfrom the ghost-rides!

Tantor would panic at a Carnotaur-bot till soemone reveals ti to be fake!

Tantor: Look! There's one! A 627 one!
Kim: It is 627! LOOK OUT!
627: Hello again!
(he fires Yaarp;s sonic blast)

Lilo: Why are all the cozes going nuts!
Yuna: Almost! The girls are okay! Only the boys are going nuts!
Ani: Jumba! Did you give them something odd! Some attempt on a brand new sort of sweet! Jumba: I was busy making - Oh!
Pleakley: Another one!
Lilo: Oh!
Lilo: So this girl one caused the boys to go nuts! Figures!

Lilo: Are you okay!
Shop-Keeper: I met a monster! This type!
Ani: But Stitch is nice!
Shop-Keeper: Yeah! I coudl tell! Different to the other! A girl one! It looked seet! But when I told it to to the back of thr line! It gorlwrd! Then it went wild and attacked us!
Customer 1: Yeah! She broke my arm!
Customer 2: My leg too!
Customer 3: It tore my beard off!
Customer 4: And burned my hair!
Lilo: Oh Jumba! Why did you make the new one!
Jumba: A hobby!
Pleakley: Did youn need to amke this one so mad and agrrresive and quite hot-tempered! Lilo named her well she did! Hot-tempered! Temper hotter than lava and fire! She's mad! Why did you! You could amker her sweet as Stitch or Angel!
Jumba: How was I supposed to know she;d o nuts and attack people! Sheesh! Why do you always nag!

Toirko would be going out with a boy who she fanceis! She'd try to act different fearing he;d reject her if he knew she was a tomboy who befriends aliens! But she reveals her true self whe she saves Stitch and Angel from Hottie and uses martial arts on the bull and gives Hottie a good scolding for attackign people and kidnapping and fraudd and attempted murder! The boy would actually be more attracted to Toriko for her heart as well aslooks!

Boy: She's beautiful!

Boy: Wow! Quite a girl!
(Amazed at Torki's fighting skills and brains)

Boy: Go Toriko!
(impressed with Toriko scolding Hottie for beign very nautghy and for attakcign people)

Toriko: You monster!
(cross with Hottie for threating Ani just to threaten Angel to surrender)

Toriko can do her hair up durign the going out as she did durign the Petite ueen then do it undone duriong the fight! Similar outfit too!

Boy: YOu were awesoeme! I knw you were grat! I wodnered why you acted oddWas it Jessica! Ignore her! She;s just jealous I always got a crush on you! You were decent and funny and nice! Better than some ggirls who ewere the same as Jessica! Many who judge only by appearances and freak out just coz someons different or strange! When I saw you fight I saw the real you! A brave and kind and wise woman willing to fight for others right and to do the right thing! And willing to help others! A true lady!
(telling todays moral about the true meaning of being a lady)

YUna can be one reaosn Toriko and Makiko know martial arts!

The boy can come too during when they go to save Ani and stop Leroy!

Toriko: Jeessica! ENOUGH! Stop picking on Yuna and Stitich! and Lilo and Ani and the others too! They are our friends! They saved us! And now they need us to help save one from a monster named Leroy! And we arre gonna do it now!
Makkio: YEAH!

Toriko: How do I look!
(she has put on a bandolier and utility belt as the other humans did)
Boy: Great! You look gorgoeous! The bandolier helps amke you look awesome!
(the girl blushes)
Terk: Oh really!

Lilo: Roll out!
(when they charge)

The Cpouncilwoman can give medals over to the humans as well as aliens for their selfless and brave actions of beating Leroy to save the cosmos!

The Spirits would appear oveer Turo with another Transformign song-scene prainhg the lot fot which they did which would lead to a golden age when Earth jouns the galactic Alliance!

The last episode would end with the whole ohana together looking up to the stars!
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Sun, 1 Jun 2014 16:11:34 EDT
Good old Shush! Yep! Good for spying!
I out onf Fibber because he help with comedy! His beeping which busts big liars! The hilarious sound whihc gets on people's nerves! I bet itd drive Jessica and Kenny and PEnny and Tiger mad!
Here are more ideas:

Rutt: Why did you make Fibber!
Jumba: Payback on a neighbour who got me in trouble!
Tanana: When did revenge ever do any good! Look on Kenai if you want proof!

Lilo: This oughta help!
(uses a voodo doll to make a talking poacher on a microphone do daft dnce moves and roll about 0making him dodaft things!

Tarzan: Stitch! Lilo! You returned! I knew you would!

Kenai: Stitch! Lilo! Sparky! SlushY! Spolodeyhead! Plasmoid! HEat! Threshe hammerface! Finder! Ricther! Welcome back!

Tarzan: Sparky! SlushY! Splodeyhead! Plasmoid! Heat! Elastico! Slugger! Retro! Kicks! Cannoball! Spike! Hammerface! Thresher! Webbor! Mentor! Boomerang! Richter! Welcome back my friends!

Tarzan: 627! Please stop!

Kenai: Cyber! Revenge would cause more pain than good! I know!

Nita: Why do humans fear the differnt!

Yuna: YAH!
(she martial arts kicks a cave lion to save Rutt)
Rutt: Wow! She;s one strong girl!

Toiko: Look on the cub! AWWWWWW! So sweet! A teddy!
(She and Makkiko cuccel thKoda when thye at first msitake him for a tedyd till he talk)

(Jesica torms to the house when she find out)
Jessica: I shoulda know you two wou;ld be here!
Kenai: Whos she!
Tarzn: A new rival obvipously!
Terk: The new Myrtle!
Jake: She looks cross!
Kim: Oh boy!
Penny Proud: Why are you here! You coulda knocked!
Jessica: IU came for them! You are with them! Those freaks!
Koda: Chill out!
Ani: Heressoem cake!
(Jessica slaps the cake away)
(the group gasp)
Tantor: That was really nauhty! She coula politley refused!

Terk: Jessica;s banans!

Jessica: You two are cmong with me!
Toriko: Why! We must go! LEroy took Ani! They need us! They saved us countles times! And we oew thme!

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